WoW Nominated For Gadget Of The Decade

UK TV program, The Gadget Show, has nominated World of Warcraft for 'Gadget of the Decade'.

The program, which reviews and compares all the latest gadget and gizmos, has short-listed WoW, along with Grand Theft Auto III and Singstar for the award. Other things on the list include YouTube, the USB flash drive, Google Earth, The Nintendo Wii and Facebook.

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Maticus3718d ago

As much as I love WoW, I don't think it has much chance against the likes of YouTube and the USB drive. Let alone things like the iPhone.

Redrudy3718d ago

I agree with this and is it a gadget?

Leord3718d ago

Yes, you beat me to it :P

Fyzzu3718d ago

Am I getting old, in that I think of gadgets as physical things?

Even excusing that - I guess I kinda see WoW as a gadget in a sense, and I suppose Singstar is electronic karaoke which kinda counts, but GTA? *Really?*

Chazmers3718d ago

while a debatable form of a gadget in the first place. i don't think its going to be voted higher than the likes of Wikipedia or Facebook.

Leord3718d ago

WoW is really a neat piece of kit. entertainment and community in one. Very cool, but hardly a gadget?

Dorjan3718d ago

Hmm, no offense to WoW lovers but I don't think it should win this.

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