Halo 2 Windows Vista Screen Shots

From Voodoo extreme website:

Since I'm the only person here with Vista, I've been given the great honor of reviewing VE3D's favorite game: Halo 2 for Vista. Still working on the review, but here are some ingame shots. I played the game at 1900x1200 with 4x AA enabled and max details, so this is pretty much as pretty (or ugly) as the game gets.

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Evil Rant Monkey4268d ago

Judging by the screen shots, this game is just a port. Why they wouldn't have released it years ago for PC is beyond me. Unless there was some lame agenda they had with Vista and LiVE.

Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed my fair share of Halo, but it seems a little old and worn out to be the release title for Games for Windows LiVE.

gta_cb4267d ago

yeh i get what you mean

gta_cb4267d ago

i SERIOUSLY wonder if there going to bring Halo 3 to games for windows