CVG: Gran Turismo PSP Review

CVG writes: "If Gran Turismo PSP was a race car, it'd have go-faster stripes, a fat exhaust and an engine that roars like it wants to take off. But it'd spring an oil leak off the start line, bellow smoke all over the place and fart its way over the finish line.

This is Gran Turismo. The big boy. The game that should define PSP. It's been in development for absolutely yonks. Now we've played it extensively we find ourselves wondering what Polyphony has been doing with it since 2004 because this is not at all the game we expected..."

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tatotiburon3717d ago

"we find ourselves wondering what Polyphony has been doing with it since 2004"....that's a very good question

resistance1003717d ago

Working on Gran Turismo 5 and Prologue?

3717d ago
54percent3717d ago

well... 10 years of Too Human can back you up.

ultimolu3717d ago

Do something called growing up okay. If that's the best you can do, then I truly feel sorry for you.

Desperation at it's finest. Operation 'ATTACK THE PSP GAME BECAUSE WE CAN'T ATTACK PS3 GAMES ANYMORE', lol.

3717d ago
Gabe EatsWell3717d ago

Go to the Open Zone. Seriously.

3717d ago
FlipMode3717d ago

But what funny is I just laugh about it, not cry about it.

Nitrowolf23717d ago

54percent - 10 minutes ago

Ignore1.3 -
well... 10 years of Too Human can back you up.

btw i didn't know the psp version was being worked on since 04? tbh i thought it was something they could easily make in a year or 2, not that long. Regardless this is a must buy for me, sales/reviews do not matter to me what so ever for GT series.

2Spock3717d ago

Man you are in every comments section, Logout for a bit. You have been on here solid since you joined 4 days ago, and that doesn't include the other accounts you log in with. Take a break go outside or something.

soxfan20053717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

You're such a hypocrite.

I don't recall you having any issues with PS3 fanboys invading EVERY Forza article claiming "PSP GT will be better because it has 800 cars".

I guess PS3 fans are allowed to troll all they want without being called out by you, but if a 360 fan trolls, suddenly it's outrageous.

Cold 20003717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

All this is pretty weird, I swear on N4G they told me it would be better than Forza 3...

Wonder why they were wrong.

Boody-Bandit3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Case in point tatotiburon.

Funny how you bring up Associate Contents (a site mind you that has printed it's share of negative PS3 articles) review of Halo ODST.
The even funnier thing is fans of the series saying so what it will still sell bucket loads. Is that all people care about anymore is reviews, sales and PR spin this generation?

Seriously do you honestly think, like Halo ODST, regardless of how it (GT5) is reviewed it wont sell bucket loads (Not GTPSP but the PS3 version)?Just look at ho GTP sold and it was labeled a glorified demo.

That is what I mean by hypocrisy. Fanboys without question are the biggest hypocrites I have ever run into. You b!tch about the things you yourselves are guilty of.

The only review I care about is my own.
The only comparison I care about is my own.
The only sales I care about is the number 1. The 1 I purchase and play myself. I play video games and not sales or reviews. <--Sorry but THAT game is played out.

Gabe EatsWell3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

This is my only account. I have one other account thats been dead for months. And yes, I do go outside. It's just I'm on my vacation. I'll be EXTREMELY busy with work two months from now. Hope that clear things up about me.

Shadow Flare3717d ago

I'll put it this way: find me a better driving simulator on a handheld. Because as far as im aware, GT PSP is the only one. And the career mode was the only real gripe people are having with it.

And to answer the question from #1, polyphony have been working on GT5. GT PSP was originally GT4 mobile. Most of the coding was just taken from gt4. I doubt they've spent 5 solid years just on this psp version

FlipMode3717d ago

Not really

I just find It funny that the 360 camp claims PS3 fans troll so much.

But yet look in the GTPSP reviews and what do you see? 360 trolls.

And calling out trolls on my side? I've done it once or twice before actually but I am not their father I don't make a habit out of it.

FlipMode3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Hmmmm Your here another Sony article. Your such a bad hypocrite. lol I'll laugh my ass off If I see you complain about SOny trolls again :)

*Looks Below- haha this day is hilarious.

DelbertGrady3717d ago

"we find ourselves wondering what Polyphony has been doing with it since 2004"

Trying to hide outdated gameplay with shiny graphics.

Cold 20003717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I have a PSP so Im concerned. This game sucks according to the reviews. Now that I say that this game sucks, which is only the truth Im trolling ?? LOL

Second, the game is getting 6's across the board from REAL gaming sites not fake sites run by fanboys like the one that reviewed ODST (well the at least the reviewer is a fanboy)

How is saying that this game sucks is trolling ?

If it had got good scores ok then yeah saying the game sucks is trolling.

So saying a sh*tty game is sh*t = trolling ???

Someone who says Too Human is sh*t isnt trolling, he's simply saying the truth.

Or are u saying that just because its a Sony game ?

soxfan20053717d ago

"But yet look in the GTPSP reviews and what do you see? 360 trolls."

Switch "GTPSP" with "Halo ODST", and "360" with "PS3", and you end up proving another point as well.

FlipMode3717d ago

Its funny how your definition of trolling always works in your favor.
So you still don't troll right?

@Soxfan- I'm glad we agree, So no more complaining?

Cold 20003717d ago

Hey dude if u disagree with my post 1.19, tell me why with some arguments or whatever.

Beacuse u can call me a troll all day if u wanna it wont change anything.

Greywulf3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

How do reviewers miss that, and review it as if its a full single player game?

They've known it wasn't going to have a career mode day one. So why review it for not having one?

At all the expos you knew:

- No career mode.
- No Story mode.
- No upgrading

yet at the review you compare it to GT4?

FlipMode3717d ago

But if ODST gets a bad review people who say Halo is sh*t are trolling right?

"Beacuse u can call me a troll all day if u wanna it wont change anything. "

So just so we are clear, you don't troll, right?

raztad3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I knew CVG and other sites wont spare this chance to slam a Sony exclusive as GT. LOL, it's very funny.

I feel many are forgeting that GT psp is just GT on the go. If you are a race enthusiast and have a PSP, GT should be on your library not other portable game offers a similar experience. It doesnt have a career mode but who cares, the real deal is GT5, isn't it?

@cdogno bellow

Most probably they didnt because GT psp was designed that way. Party game (it will sell huge in Japan) and a quick GT fix on the go.

I find laughable, some xbox fans are all over this as this game is somehow representative of GT5. Talk about delusional.

Christopher3717d ago

I am wondering at the reason they would put a game on the PSP without career mode. Was this something 'encouraged' by Sony to increase PSP sales but was rushed to meet the PSPGo release date?

Megan Fox3717d ago

OUCH!!!! Hopefully this is not a indication of how GT5 is going to be.

testerg353717d ago

Ultimolu, why don't I ever see you say the same thing to PS3 fans on the 360 articles?

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kharma453717d ago

I was hoping GT PSP would be the definitive PSP racing title, bit crap that it's not, Polyphony had a long time to get this game right, even if it was a straight port of GT3 it'd still be awesome, it is a shame that they haven't. I know this is only the first review, but from what they've said, I'm not expecting much from the others.

Just gotta pin my hopes on Motorstorm now, hopefully it'll rock!

54percent3717d ago

How sad is to see my bots attack a PSP game.... a new low because they lose exclusives and see revamped version coming to the PS3 and more awesome exclusives coming to the power machine... sad sad sad.....

El Botto3717d ago

So they took their anger out on the PSP. How pathetic.

soxfan20053717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

They are simply responding the the legions of pathetic PS3 fanboys like you who loved to compare PSP GT to Forza 3, and now it's come back to bite you guys in the ass.

Funny how after all the "PSP GT is better than Forza" comments, most of those fanboys are in hiding now.

It has nothing to do with finding things to say about PS3 because PS3 fanboys started this arguement, and now they realize they have lost big.

MetalGearBear 3717d ago

it just PSP games.
least it good games.

TheBand1t3717d ago

Shame. This would have been the 1 title to bring me back into the portable gaming world.

Ah well, there's always GT5.

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