Ars: Gran Turismo PSP Review

To put it very simply: this is the best portable racing game you can buy at the moment. At times it feels almost like a magic trick; Polyphony has done some amazing things with the hardware. It's very real, however, and in a few weeks it will be here. Save some money in the ol' gaming budget, whether you buy a PSP Go or not, you'll want to pick this game up.

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El Botto3717d ago

it is still 2 DVDs and therefore IMPOSSIBLE to fit on a handheld.

Polyphony has outdone themselves once again. Truly a remarkable franchise and a remarkable game.

THE MAX SPEED 213717d ago

you two guys above me are really retarted.

Aquarius3717d ago

It's amazing that a PSP game can look like this which is 5 years old and flopza well...

SuperStrokey11233717d ago

The more reviews i read of this the more it appears they are all over the map... its rather strange. Are poeple hyping it or are people that wanted it really hyped expecting too much and now disappointed. Hard to tell.

raztad3717d ago

Low scores are reflecting the lack of career mode or any structured full fledged Single Player experience. However reviewers agree about how good this game feels play.

In other words, if you are interested in a sim racing quick fix on the go, this game is for you.

baph7773717d ago

The other reviews that give it poor scores were probably paid for by MS or something to try and derail some of Sony's current momentum. Eurogamer giving it a 7 just reveals Eurgamer's bias, I mean they only gave MGS4 a better game than anything on 360 an 8. So, it doesn't surprise me that they would give it a bad score.

As usual, I'm going to reserve judgement to see what the guys at Play Magazine have to say about this game. Dave Halverson and co. were the best US reviewers of games in the Diehard Gamefan days over a decade ago and they're still the best today.

Arnon3717d ago

Perfect example of hearing what you don't want to hear.

I think this is that guy that everyone made fun of from for continuously saying that Microsoft pays reviewers and the entire media is a giant conspiracy.

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