IGN: Gran Turismo PSP Review

It's been a long time in the coming, but Gran Turismo for the PSP is finally here, not so coincidentally launching on the same day as the PSPgo. The numbers are great, particularly for a PSP title, with it featuring some 800 cars, 35 tracks and 60 track variations (meaning forward and reverse on most of the tracks), and all while running at 60fps

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DarthTigra 3712d ago

Really wasn't expecting this

Gabe EatsWell3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I don't know what to say........

The Meerkat3712d ago

Maybe the real focus is on GT5.

Chubear3712d ago

lol IGN.

This is what I mean when I tell people all these editorial gaming sites are just manipulating the community any how they want for traffic and ad$. They ALL do it.

If you think GT on the go is a 6type experience then you just started gaming in 2005 and know little to nothing about gaming.

N4G king3712d ago

yah good for you IGN
i can expect anything form you now after that 25 console list

Gabe EatsWell3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

You may be right about that... I don't know.

Shadow Flare3712d ago

If you read the review, their one and only major gripe was the lack of a proper career mode. That was basically it. But thats a bit weird its lacking a good career mode. If you were looking forward to the psp version, then this is a bit disappointing but GT5 is bound to have a proper career mode. The real gt's always have. Disappointing for the psp version but don't be a fool and think gt5 will be the same

DarthTigra 3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Yep exactly that was their main gripe with the game.

Not having a career mode really changes the feel of a GT title and that was dumb on the developers part. If the game couldn't fit one why not reduce the amount of cars???
Its not like anyone but a die hard GT player will collect them all.

And if they didn't have time they should have just waited to release it. I think Sony just wanted a good game to launch with the PSP GO. But they shouldn't sacrifice the quality of the game for that reason or for any reason at all.

Silellak3712d ago

Why even make a GT game without a career mode? Seriously?

That'd be like Uncharted without a single player mode. YOU JUST DON'T DO IT.

Sarcasm3712d ago

It's disappointing, but it is what it is. What can yah do.

They took that "on the go" gaming a little too seriously. *sigh*

umair_s513712d ago

Really wasn't expecting this

phosphor1123712d ago

Sigh.. that's saddening. That's like the pinnacle part of the GT series.. and to take that out for 800 cars is a mistake.. =/ oh well.

ultimolu3712d ago

Don't worry about it guys. I'm still planning on trying the game out myself.

Arnon3712d ago

Having no career mode and any ability to upgrade cars just blows. It's like they made a game where you do nothing but race the same thing over and over.

I think I'll give it a try and see if it's better.

Ju3712d ago

I don't really agree with the complaint about the career mode. Its a hand-held game. Means, you pick it up while at the airport (or where ever) and drive a couple of laps. At least that's what I do. Handheld gaming is not the same as console gaming, that's why I can understand why they designed it that way. Not sure if I want to do a stop-and-go career (that is, my PSP idles around for some time until the next trip comes around).

I think that's a rather low score for a game which pushes the boundary for PSP games, IMO. But I'll find out myself comes October 1st.

ABizzel13712d ago

I know what to say, that's what happens when you rely on websites to review games for you. IGN is only one source, and it's one persons opinion not all of IGN nor the world. Your counts just as much as there's does.

Now on to their review. There only complaints is that there's no career mode, and there's no online. I completely understand the online deal, but honestly most of the people I know with PSP's don't go online. Online should have been in GT PSP, it was expected to be on GT PSP, and because it wasn't they knocked it for it which is completely unfair. Once again every game doesn't need online.

Second checking the car stats to see if you have it is the dumbest complaint I've ever seen in a review. Yes the car should be marked to let you know you have it, but it's stupid to knock a game for something like this.

Third the calendar system, again it sucks, but deal with it. It's not like you're going to have millions of dollars anyway to go and buy every car (except for the cheaters out there).

Finally there's no career mode. This again is one the dumbest thing I've ever heard in a review. Do honestly need screens and menus to make you feel like you're really a millionaire whose driving these cars for a chance even more millions. Short answer "NO". I personally could care less about a racing game having a career mode, because all it does is make you play the tracks it wants you to play. It's not like you play a racing game for the story.

Now if you look at all the categories you get the following

Presentation 4.0
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.0
Gameplay 7.0
Lasting Appeal 6.0

We all know the game looks good, and all GT games sound like a car should as well.

Presentation- Now presentation they took points off for not having a career mode (which they don't need) even though the game offers you 100+ challenges which they state are good, but offer you nothing.

Gameplay- Let's see what they said here. The gameplay is classic GT which is great ok let's look at the last classic GT gameplay score.

IGN gave

GT4- 9.5/10
GT5:P- 8.5/10 (which was criticized for not having more tracks)

In my book it should have got an 8.5/10 for gameplay, but let's see why they took points off. "However, Without a career mode to pull you through the point in collecting cars and all that is quickly lost." (Chris Roper).

So Basically career mode which was just mentioned in presentation where it should have been, also affects gameplay. BS.

Lasting Appeal- Let's see what we have here. "If you want to collect everything it'll take you forever, and the Ad-Hoc multiplayer only adds to that."

Ok so there's a lot of cars to collect meaning the game should last you a long time or at least until GT5 comes out. So let's see why it only got a 6.0/10

"However, the collecting comes to a grinding halt because of presentation issues."

Once again presentation is mention where it shouldn't be. You can share certain cars with friends allowing you both to have a copy, you can trade cars with your friends, you can race with your friends, you can collect over 800 cars, and when GT5 comes out you can synch GT PSP with GT5 and have the cars you earned in GT PSP playable for the start of GT5 that's amazing, but he complains about that as well saying he doesn't want to start GT5 with a 250mph car (then don't synch them then).

In other words this review is full of shigady. GT PSP was wrongfully marked down, because the reviewer wanted to play career mode and there isn't one. He states the racing and everything else is good (which is what the game is all about), but still marks it down because there's no career mode.

So I'll write the scores it should have got for you.

Presentation- 6.0 (No career mode, doesn't make or break a RACING GAME, especially when it offers you a mode that lets you progress through the game at your own pace. But just for you IGN review I'll mark it down.)

Graphics- 8.5

Sound- 8.0

Gameplay- 9.0 (read their review they would have gave GT5: Pro a higher score in gameplay, but I'll let you read why they didn't. And since they say it's pretty much classic GT5 then this is the score it should have got.)

Lasting Appeal- 8.0 (At least they gave GT5: Pro. an 8.0 as well and it doesn't off near as much content only and bare bones online mode.)

Overall- 8.2 If you love GT get this game and have a PSP get this game, If you want a head up on the competition when GT5 come out get this game, If you enjoyed GT4 and GT5: Pro. which this game is a mix of then get this game.

There you go n4g. My daily deed of good has been served.

SuperStrokey11233712d ago

well i was reading the review and to be honest there really is only 1 MAJOR problem and that is the way cars are bought and how it makes no sense. If that issue was fixed then the score would have been significantly higher... (presentation would have been higher and so would have lasting appeal putting this in the 8ish range.)

Megan Fox3712d ago

If this is by any means an indication of what to expect from GT5, i'll be worry.

Lifendz3712d ago

Did not expect that. Chris Roper knows his stuff when it comes to GT so I guess I can't say the reviewer was biased. If that's the score that's the score. I guess I'll see what other people say.

lightningsax3712d ago

I'm not seeing the "It's only a career mode, it didn't deserve the low score" contingent's argument here. Some sort of mode that lets you enjoy the game in a rewarding, well-paced fashion (at the very least) should be in any game boasting a single-player experience. This is what made R4 so awesome (well, that and the music). It's not time to throw the single-player experience away and create GT-Hawk.

As a huge fan of good PSP games, good racing games, and good single-player experiences, I'm infuriated! Why not just copy over the old GT4 simulation mode, add a bit to it, and bam - there you go!

At the same time, it's not fair to say "Uh-oh, this does not bode well for GT5" since the creators of these games were definitely two separate teams. One tried to put GT4 on PSP for years in the style of Duke Nukem Forever and threw up this thing. The other one has been hard at work. I'm sure GT5 will be a completely different beast.

Trevorthenerd3712d ago

just because a sony console was not at the top yeah...

xenogamer3712d ago

is a huge GT fanboy, its one of his favorite series of all time, and if you think hes a fanboy, then you obviously have your goggles to tight, this is a fan of the series giving it a low score because quite frankly its not up to snuff. Deal with it.

INehalemEXI3712d ago

Im not tripping off no career mode on the go I would just want some racing. GT5 will have the killer career and playing through a career now would just spoil the GT5 career Xperience.

na2ru13712d ago

Resources and time were wasted for GT5 in favour of GTPSP. PD at least you can use this to your advantage as feedback for completing GT5.

ecb3712d ago

can anyone tell me how much space a umd has? im guessing it came to looking nice at 60fps with 800 cars but a gimped career, or a full career with gimped graphics and less stable fps - because of space issues. now if this were the issue, considering the handheld format, i think id rather have it the way it is.

does suck though :\

andron3711d ago

Thats unexpected and a bit sad.

I think maybe some reviewers expect too much from this. It does package in a lot of racing and good graphics on a portable gaming device...

ceedubya93711d ago

No Career mode? I was going to at least give this game a shot, but that kills it for me. Not a huge loss though. Between all the 360, PS3, and PSP games coming out I should be okay.

sloth4urluv3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

"Don't worry about it guys. I'm still planning on trying the game out myself."
Omg! I was so worried you wouldnt try it out.

"can anyone tell me how much space a umd has? im guessing it came to looking nice at 60fps with 800 cars but a gimped career, or a full career with gimped graphics and less stable fps - because of space issues. now if this were the issue, considering the handheld format, i think id rather have it the way it is.

does suck though :\ "

How much space do you think career mode takes up?
you already have the cars
You already have the tracks
all you need is code and maybe some graphics for the menus.
Lets see that comes to a grand total of what, like 5 Mb?

And how is career mode going to affect fps?

Doppy3711d ago

I agree with ABizzel1. I read the entire review and the gave the game a low score for lack of career and online modes. Was Uncharted a bad game even though it didn't have online "NO". And is Warhawk a bad game even though it doesn't have a single player campaign "NO". GT PSP has the gameplay mechanics and that's is what should matter the most. All of you who are complaining are spoiled, and expect everything to be the same and when something outside the norm happens you lose it, or put it down.

ceedubya93711d ago

These days, certain types of games come with expectations.

Shooters are expected to have some type of multiplayer.

RPGs are expected to be long and have a good storyline and battle system.

Action Adventure games need to be fun, and at least have some length to it and a decent storyline.

Racers (real racers), are expected to have lots of cars, tracks, and some type of career mode.

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Omega43712d ago

Damn i wonder what GT5 will turn out like then. Seems like loads of cars dont mean a better game.

DarthTigra 3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Really Omega??? Dont start really this is a PSP game

Omega43712d ago

Im not trying to start anything i just think its kinda worrying. PD are perfectionists and this game has been in development for ages just like GT5. But i do hope GT5 does at least surpasses GT4 average of 89 at meta because since GT3 PD havnt released anything above that standard and that was like 10 years ago i think so they need to prove themselves.

growup743712d ago is a hoax...but ok lol whatever makes you feel better

DarthTigra 3712d ago

And so is Kojima. If you read the review they clearly point out that the game doesn't have a career mode and that doesn't help the game(Con sole Gran Turismos do) or help the score. Look at what Metal Gear solid Portable Ops+ got for the PSP

Then look at what MGS4 got

You cant look at a score for a PSP game and use that to think about what a console game will get is all im saying

Cold 20003712d ago

Wow worse than Too Human...

callahan093712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I think it's a misleading review. They say the game plays great, it controls great, the racing is great, the selection of cars and tracks is great. Look, you still have to race to earn money and then spend your money to build up a collection of cars. So it's just a portable-ized version of a "career" mode. They just don't have it set up where you have to earn licenses to participate in certain races, but from what I can tell, they're saying that if you want a game that simulates the experience of racing a huge variety of realistic cars on a large selection of realistic tracks with beautiful graphics and great controls on a handheld, then Gran Turismo PSP is your game. I'm not quite sure why this reviewer is placing such a ridiculous amount of importance on the game not having what he considers to be a deep enough career mode. If you want to play some fun races on the go, this'll provide you with that experience.

In my opinion, saying it lacks a career mode is misleading. That would imply that it's an arcade experience and that you don't earn money and have to buy cars, but that right from the start all or most of the cars are available. The game does work on a calendar system (not sure I understand how that works, though, but I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks), and you don't get access to all the cars. You have to earn cars by earning money then buy the cars. I LIKE the fact that I can race on any track whenever I want, though, without having to unlock them. I mean, this is a portable game, and it's something I will play for instant gratification while on the subway. Making it a full GT experience where I can't do certain things until I've earned licenses and passed certain events and what not, well, that doesn't appeal to me quite as much as just being able to have a good race for a few minutes while I'm on the train. I've got my console games to get addicted to in terms of trying to worry about unlocking and progressing. I've got handhelds to help me get over boredom for 10 to 20 minute intervals.

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Arnon3712d ago

I wasn't aware that 3 disagrees required a large list of multiple accounts. Anyway, the man is right. He didn't say anything wrong, and he brings up a very logical question, because right now, this scares the b'jesus out of me. How will Gran Turismo 5 turn out? I'm sure it will be fine, but both of these games have been in development for a while now.

Ju3712d ago

Not to spoil your discussion here, but the only intelligent comment in this particular thread here came from callahan09.

3712d ago
3712d ago
3712d ago
3712d ago
3712d ago
Lifendz3712d ago

This is a game for a handheld system; not a console. And if you, in your 360 is almighty world, could play a Forza game on a handheld you probably would regardless of the score from one site.

I asked the Mart, Power of Green, and all the other 360 homers so I guess I'll ask you: what's with all the hate for Sony? What did it? I'm willing to bet you owned a PS2. What happened that made you a fanboy?

randomwiz3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Its basically because they own one system. You see, when I owned one system, it would hurt me to see the other system doing well. It made me feel like I'm missing out on a lot. I admitted to that, and bought the other system.

These fanboy's also get hurt to see the other system doing well, the only difference between me and a fanboy is that I admitted that I'm missing out on a lot and bought both systems, but these fanboys won't admit it, and they're in denial. Whenever the other system does good, they have to make some stupid comment to make themselves feel better.

stevenhiggster3712d ago

oh go away Omega, why are you, the biggest fanboy on this site, even reading an article about a PSP game? You are only here to annoy people.

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Gabe EatsWell3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

6.8 = 68
meaning its better than RRODST's 64/100!
Hahahaha! Seriously, I really really wasnt expecting this. :|

talltony3712d ago

Its a racing game on a psp that runs at 60fps with tons of cars. Am I missing something?? Its looks like a high budget psp game to me. When I first saw it I didnt think for one sec it would get this sort of review. I will wait to see other reviews.

El Botto3712d ago

Yes, you have. You missed the word "review by xbot".

The problem with these people is that their heads are so far stuck up their asses, they are unable to judge games objectively.

What you have here, is a superb racing game for a handheld. These idiots dont realize that you cant find something like that on the DS or anywhere else. Its a HANDHELD racer, not a game designed for a console.

No FanS Land3712d ago

Mind I tell you that you're comparing two completely different websites?

General Jewels3712d ago

This is signs for GT5 flop soon aswell.

TROLL EATER3712d ago

deserve 9.5 imo for being the fake driving simulator

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Where is Micro$oft's Handheld then??? ;-D

Oh silly me, i forgot they can't even make ANY 'AAA' Games this year yet for their POS the xBox 360!!! ;-D So if they did have a Handheld out it would have 'ZERO' games for it to!!! ;-D

36T3712d ago

"Where is Micro$oft's Handheld then??? ;-D"

Another loser Sony fanboy preparing to chew on some well cooked crow. Wait for the Zune Hd to come out first. They can't do much worse then GT PSP can they? LOL

General Jewels3712d ago

yep GT5 need awards for being the fake driving simulator, since theres no road car damage. Even NF Shift is way better then horse manure GT5 and 6.8 GT PSP LOL

Defectiv3_Detectiv33711d ago

There is still plenty of playability, but you shouldn't expect to get a console experience on a casual gaming device - it is still hands down the best racing game ever to come out for a handheld.

The only gripe I find legit here is the fact that the PSP and PS3 versions wont be compatible, it would have been cool to play GT5 from your PSP.

As far as customizing goes, that's cheap anyways. Racing a stock-car is the true test of its ability, not about who can spend more modding out their car. I could make an A1 honda hot for the right amount of money. It takes more skill to race a car stock, and it takes more balls to put that stock car up against somebody elses stock car.

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JOLLY13712d ago

Eurogamer game it a better score than ign. That sucks for pd though, it would sucks putting so much time into something just to have people not like it. I still think they did a great job for their first psp game. That is a boat load of content still though.

Panthers3712d ago

It seems there is no depth to it. I mean if there is no 'career' mode or whatever, then all it is is racing for no reason.

Ju3712d ago

Its a mobile game, for god's sake. I mean, you know. Jump in for a couple of minutes, move on. That's usually how mobile games work. Don't know, why all of a sudden this has to compare against full fledged console games, because its GT.

kaveti66163712d ago

That's not what GT fans were hoping for. Plus, Pokemon is also a mobile game but it's all about the RPG. You don't just hop in for two minutes and catch a pikachu and then leave. GTPSP could have had a career mode. Instead, PD chose to add a lot of cars. Some people think that is a mistake. That's why they're disappointed. What GTPSP has is great, but what it doesn't have is what makes it bitter sweet.

Meus Renaissance3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Damage Control in 3...2...1

But honestly, wow at the score. Did not expect that. Microsoft must have paid IGN out again. Still, 0.8 better than ODST right guys? At least there's some ammo for the wars

But seriously how does it get 4/10? This thing looked beautiful from the screenshots.

EDIT: NO CAREER MODE, WHAAT?! How can you not have a career mode for a portable racing game?

Elven63712d ago

There are Halo 3: ODST reviews on the net already?