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When it was first announced alongside the PlayStation Portable, Gran Turismo 4 Mobile was a statement of intent. PSP, the videos argued, would be the only handheld for which you could buy games that look and feel like the ones you buy for the home.

The intervening five years, however, which have also seen the game renamed Gran Turismo, have softened its impact considerably. It's tempting to begin by pointing out that while it does look and feel like a racing game you might buy for the home, that also assumes you're referring to the home of 2004.

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FlipMode3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Just what I expected, so this is worse than Section 8?

People don't pay attention to these reviews, wait for Gamespot or IGN

Edit........IGN gives it a 6.8, Maybe this game isn't good........

Elven63987d ago

It seems to be getting mixed reviews so far from he 4-5 reviews I have seen on N4G so far. From the 6s to the 8s.

Cold 20003987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Wow thats weird why werent u calling this biased: http://www.associatedconten...
Wonder why...

IGN and Eurogamer employees are biased but I guess the guy who wrote that ODST review is the best reviewer ever...

u edited your post, but what I said still stands.

Sarcasm3987d ago

A lack of career mode is disappointing though.

The PSP hardware just wasn't the right platform for the series it seems.

Silellak3987d ago

Why even make a GT game without a career mode? Seriously?

That'd be like Uncharted without a single player mode. YOU JUST DON'T DO IT.

Sarcasm3987d ago

"IGN and Eurogamer employees are biased but I guess the guy who wrote that ODST review is the best reviewer ever... "

Eurogamer is Biased, but it's obvious why GT PSP got that score. No career mode, cumbersome car buying, no upgrades.

It's really a PSP game, and not the full blown GT that was promised.

Mr_Bun3987d ago

I guess Flip Mode must have gotten to you with that link if you are now stalking him

FlipMode3987d ago

Did I call IGN Biased? lol Just stop it.

Edited my Post? Yeah I did Before you even commented.

Sarcasm3987d ago

I still don't get what Yamauchi was thinking for making it without a career mode. It's like an RPG where you don't level up or gain EXP. You just run around in circles!

EvilCackle3986d ago

The reviews of Section 8 and GT have different genres, platforms, and possibly writers. Comparing their relative scores is, in a word, silly.

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OmarJA3987d ago

7/10 from Eurogamer is pretty good actually, LOL!...

Gabe EatsWell3986d ago

Really? I didn't know that. :)

Perjoss3986d ago

IGN gave it even less than eurogamer (6.8), maybe eurogamer are right this time :)

Omega43987d ago

I guess everyone will start liking EG more than IGN now

Mr_Bun3987d ago

Is that the best you could do? Troll a review for a PSP game?

Pizzagaki3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Well, looks like GT psp wont beat Forza3 for sure, lets see how GT5 will do.

Sad thing is, a lot of people bought the psp years ago, because they where looking forward to this game.....

dustgavin3987d ago

I wouldn't be talking too much till Forza 3 gets it's review scores in.

Pizzagaki3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

LOlz, right.
Anyone who played forza2 will know that Forza3 will own.

Forza focuses on gameplay, not quantity.

SpitFireAce853986d ago

some past review scores from IGN.

PS.To think how desperate you and Omega4 are comparing a PSP game
to a full retail game on a console(XB360).Wow thats low even for
you.As for GT5 it will wipe the floor with all the Forzas put

wazzim3987d ago

It's rushed for the PSPGO launch D:!!
GOD even DTM/TOCA (with 4 titels on the PSP) has a carreer mode!

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