PSi: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Preview - This Can't be Good for Global Warming!

PSi writes: "Racing wildly overpowered vehicles through arctic terrain in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge makes for a great spectacle, and you won't even have to dodge errant penguins or musk oxen on your way to icy victory. The only unexciting parts of this game appear to be the times you'll sit waiting for the next level to load, and those load times are thankfully kept short. Sony knows that racers want their action seriously adrenaline-fueled, and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge looks poised to deliver when it hits PSP systems. Bigbig Studios, known for its seriously over-the-top driving action featured in the two Pursuit Force games on PSP, is at the helm for this latest installment of the MotorStorm franchise. Fans of previous games will need to check out Arctic Edge, and those that haven't sampled either of the previous titles will find this an excellent place to jump on for the ride."

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