WhatIfGaming: WET Review: A WET, Tearful and Forgetful Journey

WhatIfGaming writes: "A protagonist who can perform daring acrobatics with a heart-wrenching serenade of gun combat and sword mastery will make anyone not want to put the controller down. Rubi Malone, the lead character in Bethesda Softworks' latest title – WET, is a girl that knows how to warp and twist an ideal into an ugly truth that is severely disappointing. Even though WET presents a canvas filled with potential of an action shooter, it is far overshadowed by the realities of a humor bent storyline gone awry, bland gameplay mechanics turned frustrating, and mediocre voice actors that are deafening. As the film reel on this '70s style influenced shooter continues to play, the monotonous nature of WET is revealed to be more than just a euphemism for blood on the hands but also disappointing tears of blood on the hands for anyone who finds the unremitting and bland sword with gun acrobatics gameplay and a not so enticing storyline a completely frustrating experience."

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Adversary3720d ago

It's hard to take a review seriously when it's written this poorly. Proof reading is your friend.