MS Acknowledge 360 Messenger Problems with Child Accounts over 18 years

Microsoft now acknowledge there's a problem for people who registered to Xbox LIVE under the age of 18 (Child Account with parental consent) but reached the age of 18 by now. These accounts are still Child Accounts and thus cannot access the Messenger feature in the new dash. There's no solution for now.

From Microsoft:
I am now 18 or older. Why is my account still considered a child account?

There is a very small group of Xbox LIVE members who first created their accounts while under the age of 18 but have since passed their 18th birthday. These members cannot access Messenger on Xbox 360 at this time. We will explore solutions that enable these members to use Messenger on their Xbox 360 and will update the community when we have more information to share.

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Pheneus4270d ago

really suck. You would think that the all powerful coding company that is the big M would be able to set up an upgrade system the moment any person in the minors database passes 18.

toughNAME4270d ago

you always lie about your age if your under 18 ALWAYS!

FeralPhoenix4270d ago

When in doubt, thats some great advice. End sarcasm. I don't see why they won't be able to fix the problem.

Satanas4270d ago

Is messenger unavailable to those under 18, or do you just need parental consent?

I would think it can be enabled since you use voice chat to talk anyway....or is that not so?

Hydrolex4270d ago

ahhahahaha Xbox 360 is made for kids and +18s play it ? that's funny

Satanas4270d ago

God, stop spamming.

Stupid 360/PS3 fanboys.

Eldon34270d ago

You must be either 5 years old, or missing quite a few brain cells.

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