Nier Replicant Revealed

IGN: Last week, the appearance of NieR in Famitsu under the name NieR Gestalt caused some concern for PS3 owners. The issue wasn't the name -- it was that the game was listed exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Many assumed that the game, announced at E3 as a multiplatform title, had been cancelled on PS3, something which Square Enix's international offices denied. Today, with the arrival of a new Famitsu, we can confirm that NieR is still on the way for PS3 release -- only it may be an entirely different game from the 360 version.

PS3 will be getting NieR RepliCant, a game that was teased through an ad in last week's Famitsu. As with Gestalt, the game is in development at Drakengard studio Cavia for Japanese release in 2010.

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Gabe EatsWell3712d ago

Nier Replicant > Nier Gestalt

Suck it bots. Bluray > DVD

Ninji3711d ago

So they both will be mediocre.

cemelc3711d ago

So true

I don't see square making a good game this gen, so sad

mastiffchild3712d ago

Thought it was this rather than a droped PS3 version. Still all it means is we're getting iwo versions of a game noone cares about. Are they hoping to sell it by starting a flame war that noone cares about either?

SpoonyRedMage3712d ago

I think they might be trying to avoid complaints of dumbing down or trying to appeal to the eastern demographic with Replicant and the Western demographic with Gestalt.

I don't think they're trying to start a flame war but it's inevitable.


i probably wont get either

George Sears3711d ago

Oh so the peeps who worked on Drakengard is making these Nier titles eh....

Pass for now.

3711d ago
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