Girl says Nintendo Swore at Her

Schoolgirl Khloe Leslie was horrified when her favourite computer game took her to a vulgar new level – and called her a 'f****** cow'.

The 11-year-old was playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo DS when one of the colourful animal characters swore at her.

Her mother Leeanne, 28, of Inverbervie, Angus, has now banned her from playing the game, which is branded suitable for children aged three and upwards.

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TriggerHappy4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

thought Nintendo made "cute" games like pokemon Barbie and such for little girls. Weird.

This made me lol'd

I smell a lawsuit coming.

decapitator4272d ago

They can pay it off easily though, look at how well the wii is selling and DS is a whole different beast alltogther

Leathersoup4272d ago either the girl wrote that herself or someone she's linked to the game using Wi-Fi did.

FreeMonk4271d ago

A lawsuit coming?

This just goes to prove how gullible parents are, and don't check out how the games play, and just jump to conclusions.

Anybody who has played Animal Crossing knows that during the game, the characters ask you to type in nicknames or greeting messages and you can put anything in and it'll say it.

That's what this little kid did, she typed in 'F***ing Cow', not Nintendo.

If I was the parent, instead of going after Nintendo, I'd go to my daughter and start questioning her mentality and maturity!

Whatever you do though, don't tell Jack Thompson, he'll blame his on some shooting somewhere in the US, even though it happened in the UK!

Satanas4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Funny how the text is in a different colour, and likely manually entered. I doubt the game had anything to do with it.

Edit: Either way, the Nintendo guy is right.

techie4272d ago

used game...tampered with

calderra4272d ago

1337 h4X FTW!
Also see: Porn on PSP.

alsef074272d ago


FFVIIFan4272d ago

I never played Animal Crossing, but isn't it something like when you chat with a bot on AIM or something. Like SmarterChild on AIM, you can get it to repeat swear words that you've already said. Is that the case here, or are conversations in the game totally scripted?

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The story is too old to be commented.