At FF Party: What Remake The People Really Want ?

Final Fantasy IV? Nope! At the Final Fantasy Party, guests were invited to post notes on a giant board. The most popular request: Remake Final Fantasy VII. A next-gen version has been rumored for years, starting with a PS3 FF VII "tech demo" screened at E3 2005. Square-Enix has denied working on a next-gen Final Fantasy VII remake, but if these post-its asking for a next-gen FF VII are any indication, they'd be stupid not to...

and you? what FF remake would you like to see?

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Satanas4179d ago

Didn't people always want FF7 remade? When was it ever FF4?

elliot_4179d ago

i agree with you...but i think they talked about FF4 cus it's being made for DS too...

Satanas4179d ago

Ahh, that could be it then.

Merovee4178d ago

If you don't want to remake it, that's fine by me, just make a HD cutscene of that Retard Flowergirl getting skewered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

That scene made me so happy, it's like seeing Paris Hilton go to jail.

FFVIIFan4179d ago

If you couldn't guess by my Tag, my vote would go to FFVII.

Pheneus4179d ago

the most popular FF is #7
no one cares about any of the others nearly as much.

tehcellownu4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Final Fantasy 7!! Not suprise every chhoice it..Sqaure read it!! you know you goin to make millions on it!! and you will make your fans really happy!!

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The story is too old to be commented.