Game Informer review scores

The latest Game Informer review scores include Scribblenauts, Wet, Section 8, the first Dead Space Extraction review, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and much more.

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knox3711d ago

i think im gonna get nfs shift

EvilTwin3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Intrigued for Scribblenauts...but the Extraction score is what I average rail shooter, and nothing more.

Anywho...I just don't understand some reviewers. They gave Metroid Prime Trilogy a 9?

Corruption's score alone was 9.5.

You add two triple AAA titles with a better control scheme, leave the price at $50, and the score goes...down?

Makes no sense at all.

EDIT: Check out the second opinion on the Prime Trilogy:

"’re stuck playing good last-gen games with a gimpy waggle interface."

Yeah...pretty much seems like that guy didn't even play the game. IR/pointer controls aren't "waggle."

Nugan3711d ago

I generally don't trust Game Informer, or most magazines, to review Wii games. Perhaps it's because they are working in an old medium (and are thus probably older and more set in their ways), but magazine writers seem particularly hostile to the Wii's new control interface. Game Informer, GamePro and Edge regularly give Wii games much lower scores than online publications, complaining of control problems that no other source mentions.

EvilTwin3710d ago

Nugan -- Honestly, I cancelled my GI subscription after seeing their review for No More Heroes. They actually complained about the subject matter and violence. Put that game on another console, and they would've reviewed it much differently.