Resident Evil 5: PC In Depth Blow-Out

REHorror writes: "With Resident Evil 5 for the PC, being released tomorrow (September 15th) In the U.S. with a European release for this Friday (September 18th), We thought we would go all out, with a barrage of information for the game as to both inform and encourage people to purchase this forward thinking PC release, which is certainly the definitive version of Resident Evil 5."

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3718d ago
Tony P3718d ago

I am not satisfied at all. I think these devs need to do more than try to make me buy $200 3D glasses for one game. 3D is a cool thing to implement, but seriously? Arguably the best benefit of this port costs a lot extra.

This is just one more thing that makes me dislike how devs treat PC vs their console base. On console if I'm forced to wait for a timed-exclusive to peter out, the devs come out with an entirely new version with loads of new content for the other console (PS3 this gen). So when I look at this RE5 with a few new costumes and tweaks that need to be in a decent PC port in the first place, I'm not impressed in the slightest.

It doesn't seem worth the wait imo.

Pandamobile3718d ago

GeForce 3d Vision works with just about every game out there.