Canadian Copyright: A Game Developer's Perspective

Neil Gower writes...

If (like me) you're a Canadian, you may have heard about the government copyright consultation that's going on right now. The short story is that this is the government's second crack at modernizing copyright for the internet era, after the dismal failure that was Bill C-61.

As a game developer, changes to the Copyright Act affect my livelihood, which not surprisingly got me thinking about the current and future state of copyright.

Probably the hottest issue as it relates to games is the whole DRM/TPM/anti-circumvention mess. Lobbyists from the music, movie, and games industries argue that DRM is required for us to conduct business. They trot out sketchy numbers on "piracy" and talk about how DRM can be used to implement parental controls and facilitate demo distribution (neither of which actually require DRM).

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