Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Demo date

This is likely the version that was presented at the fair in Cologne (GAMESCOM), by themselves meet the creators of 70-80% of the final fulfillment of the game. In the final phase of the project should be added just new animations, playing the demo that's why I did not mean a big difference from playing with the final version.

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Zedux3712d ago

I wish Konami all the best I loved my PES series back in PS2 days but since then Fifa is dominating both with content and online play!

Baka-akaB3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Fifa has been better in every superficial and the online , but even in fifa 10 the gameplay is still awkward and dumbed down at best , even with 360 degree controls (i insist on the imo) .

This year PES is catching up in graphics department , hell arguably might looks better , but mostly quite enhanced and enriched their gameplay and tactical system .

The only thing left to prove would be the online .

NOw i'm a bit concerned if that demo is indeed the cologne game rather than a more advanced version . "haters" will tear it appart as the cologne version was still missing quite a lots of the new animations .

Anyway at least we'll get a feel of the game

zeeman3712d ago

I didn't like FIFA 09 and still like what PES offers in terms of indivualism. There is no difference to Ribery and Messi in FIFA but play them in PES and you will immediately see the difference. This to me is more important than animations.

nix3712d ago

i think Konami has made mistakes in the last two years, especially in online. but this year is suppose to be PES' comeback... so, i'm really looking forward to this demo even though i've been playing FIFA10 demo since it got released.

radzy3712d ago

fifa 2009 was same old fifa, fifa 2010 feels much better to my surprise ,
now lets see would pes2010 has to offer.
gonna be hard to beat fifa 2010.
8 direction vs 360 direction .
cant wait

Austin_SJ3712d ago

Fifa has been getting better, but if PES can impress me I'll hapily go back to it.