Uncharted 2 - Ice Cave gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published a multiplayer gameplay video from the new Uncharted 2 demo.

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Gabe EatsWell3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Jaw-dropping visuals.
21/20 - AAAA confirmed.
Only on PS3. It only does EVERYTHING.

G3TDOWN3713d ago

im disappointed in shooting SOMEONE 1000 bullets till they die !!!!

anyone noticed that also ?

Zedux3713d ago

I still have hopes Killzone 2 will get game of the year award but hey anything Sony is giving us lately deserves that title and it will be in good hands!

SevWolf3713d ago

@ G3tdown: I see your point, but I just want to tell you that it's not actually the game, I also thought it took 1000 bullets to bring someone down, then I watched a few videos of people who were in the beta, and it turns out the guy in this vid just sucks arse :P

cmrbe3713d ago

5 != 1000. in uncharted on crushing it takes about 5 body shots to kill someone. 1 for head shot unless he wears a helmet sometimes 2. I don't see what the big issue is. KZ2 is the same. Believe or not people in real life most people don't die from just one gun shot wound unless offcourse its a headshot wound.

I wonder if people will say this to try to bring U2 down. There will always be something useless someone complains about I guess.

Crazyglues3713d ago

Actually G3tdown the thing is when you play it you begin to understand why it works better this way...

They could have made it like COD4 using the M16 where you drop people really quick with a two bullet burst shot...(no time to react)

or make it like halo -where you see where the shots are coming from as you get hit and you have time to fire back while trying to move out of the way.

-But they choose something in between that works really well, it takes a few shots to put you down but not that many. -so you have time to react but not much - and it makes for some awesome Gameplay.

****ALSO Did anyone notice they seem to listen to the feedback from fans and have added the Head-shot feature, where if you hit someone right in the head at close range they die instantly.. -Really cool.

can't wait for the Public Beta so I can get back to my 50 rank... LoL
I have already pre-ordered this game and if you have not yet, I don't know what you could possibly be waiting for, because this is hands down the GOTY... period.

Christopher3713d ago

I thought the same thing, then I watched it closer. In the beginning, he can't hit anything to save his life. Wasting all that ammo shooting at nothing, and then he could barely get a shot off on their body, but instead was aiming to the left or right of them.

From what I saw, it takes about 3-4 shots with a automatic weapon, 2 shots with a shotgun. From very far away, it took him 2 successful grazing hits to the heard/upper body to take down one person (about 2:15 in the video).

I'm okay with this because I'm not a hardcore FPSer and will need the extra bullet to kill me so that I can get away more often. I'll probably be just as bad of a shot as the guy was in the beginning, unfortunately.

2Spock3713d ago

Thats funny joined N4G 4 days ago and already have 8 bubbles how fishy is that? I mean is your life so pathetic that you have to have multiple accounts and bubble yourself up to make yourself seem superior?

Uncharted 2 is going to rock BTW!!!!!

FamilyGuy3712d ago

But admittedly, the lighter Temple multi-player level looks better.

The Co-op mode looked phenomenal in the older beta and I imagine that will be the look of the single player campaign but the online competitive multi-player tones down those graphics slightly but it still looks great.

Gabe EatsWell3712d ago

This account, Gabe EatsWell, is the one and ONLY account I have. I have an account thats been dead for maybe three months now. Please stop making baseless accusations about my bubble count. The reason my bubble count is high? Dont ask me. But I can tell you its because of my username and avatar. People laugh about it and they loved it and many gave me an instant bubble the moment they saw my username. Some were like "lmfao @ your username +bubbles" like that. I know its hard to believe but believe me. I DO NOT have any other accounts. Thank you very much.

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G3TDOWN3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

UC2 is all about SP not MP

Gabe EatsWell3713d ago

I disagree. And I bet many will disagree with you too.

Nelson M3713d ago

Uncharted 1 was all about SP because it had no Multiplayer
But Uncharted 2 has Both therfore it's about Both MP and SP
Hope that clears that up for You

masterg3713d ago

Anyone who played the beta will tell you.
The MP rocks.

K-Gamer3713d ago

I played the beta and didn't like it at all.

To me it's just an average TPS with nice GFX.

Raf1k13713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

U2 is the most complete game with something for everyone.
Amazing single-player, amazing multi-player (from what I've seen and read) and most likely amazing co-op too.

edit: I can see why some are saying this vid is underwhelming since it is lol. I've seen much better vids of the multi-player before.

Crazyglues3713d ago

Anyone who played the beta will tell you.
The MP rocks. -masterg comment 2.3

Yes I agree 100%, I think you needed to play it to understand G3TDOWN it was Awesome..

So this year I would say it's about SP & MP because Uncharted 2 has both this time...

JonnyBigBoss3712d ago

I disagree. It excels at both.

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El Botto3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Such is the harsh reality for an xbot.

Hahaha take a good look at the graphics xbots. Hahaha graphics you can ONLY DREAM about! Hahaha

PS3PCFTW3713d ago

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where are all those charts which you pointed at at? HUH? [email protected]?
no more multiplats, no more sales charts, no more exclusives. even members of the executive office are JUMPING OUT.

what did i SAY?

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ELite_Ghost3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

yea, the guy playing really cant aim tho LOL :) in the beginning at least...

Nelson M3713d ago

Stupid BoTs
Looking Forward to
Halo 3 Overated,Depressing,Sh*te Triolgy

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