Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Review from Strategy Informer

From Strategy Informer: "As Batman: Arkham Asylum has already been carving huge Joker smiles on every console gamers' face, you'll be well aware that Rocksteady's sublime foray into the realm of the iconic comic book hero is an unmitigated success. But as a PC gamer, you might still be left wondering what all the fuss is about.

Firstly, a lot of PC owners have been put off by the prospect of potentially complicated DRM issues. Frankly we had no problems with any of this, although we didn't attempt to install the game on multiple machines. Otherwise, starting the game is very much a standard procedure that we encountered no real problems with whatsoever."

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Bereaver3708d ago

The definitive racin....... I mean, super hero game of this generation.

ia_studio3708d ago

is it out yet, the leaked version was awesome definitely buying it, just need to update my nvidia card to play in higher res.

If you havent bought this game yet you don't know what your missing, It's more varied and surprising than you will expect, the demo makes no justice to the game.

Syronicus3708d ago

It was released yesterday here in the States.

EpsilonTeam3708d ago

Agreed. Playing it already in 3D Mode with Physx enabled (3-SLI). With proper hardware pc rules.

dirthurts3708d ago

Can't wait. No Physx support here, but I'm sure it will look great anyway.