Totally360 gives their first impressions of Halo 3 beta

Since everyone now seems to be rendering their judgement on the beta, we thought it only fair to toss our hat in the ring as well...

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ASSASSYN 36o4479d ago

Very good albiet short article.

Satanas4479d ago

Spartan Laser and Movable Turrets are very interesting additions, judging from the videos.

chrno64479d ago

it looks like a really fun game, but not something that will blow u away...

Satanas4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Mmmmm I disagree. Just wait till it comes and you play it first.

I AM a story line guy, and Halo 2 disappointed me there, so I hope the campaign is as impacting as Halo 1's was.

Then again -- it depends on just what you mean by "blow you away."

calderra4479d ago

I'm a massive Bungie nerd, and at the rate H3 is going, I don't think I'll care if I ever touch Halo 1/2's multiplayer again. H1 campaign I'll replay, sure...

But from the controls, to the weapons, to the maps... it's all just better. And to heck with the naysayers- it's incredibly pretty and the framerate / animation is always incredibly smooth.

Bhai4479d ago

No seriously, you called for this, I was not going to do this, please understand, but c'mon even a kid of under 15 can see there is just NOTHING pretty in the new Halo-3. And 'incredibly pretty' is ways off man. I was freaked at how ugly the new title 'The Golden Compass' looked, but then I said, OK its Sega. But when I saw latest Halo-3 build images today......I just don't have the words. Its a year-2 title on the so-called GPU-edge having 360 and a 1st-party one at that...and while there is just no uping in the gameplay experience since 2003's Halo-2, the GFX are especially garbage, sh!t or whatever you want to call it...

Here's the proof:

Please be the judge for yourself, compare it with gears', BioShock's or even Fear's visuals. I bet you'll start crying. And please do NEVER cmpare it with the'll die !

Bhai4479d ago

Eeewww, right ?!:

There are obviously no overwhelming poly-counts and especially the mountain textures are spectacularly-underwhelming.

AngryHippo4479d ago

i tell you what....why don't you wait until the actual game comes out before being a [email protected] and saying the graphics look crappy. It comes out in November, what you have seen is the BETA multiplayer...and you somehow expect it to look better than Gears of War, sorry dude but comments like that are useless to any sort of credibility in anything you say. If your not going to say anything productive or interesting, don't bother because i bet alot of people don't want to listen or read your comments. Anyways nothing person man, just don't rip on a game that you haven't played. [email protected] it just enjoy playing games!

Hayabusa 1174479d ago

You're right, halo 2's visuals do wipe the floor with most next-gen offerings.