Halo 3 Mutliplayer Beta HD Movies

Tonight TeamXbox bring you a handful of HD videos of each of the three maps. See for yourself how the game looks in action.

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LoveHateTragedy4485d ago

the lighting looks good. It's fun watching newbies sometimes. I can see why people are calling it Halo 2.5 though (had to wait for this HD footage to make that call).

xfrgtr4485d ago


Satanas4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Stop being such a fanboy. You know this game will massacre the PS3 when it comes out, and I'm saying this as a PS3 owner. (I don't mean this in a bad way, it'll just be a great time for 360 owners)

Graphics COULD use work, but we know they will likely be fined tuned for final release.

Gameplay dynamics, as expected, are great and very fun looking.

TriggerHappy4485d ago

you are right, the game looks good for a next gen game. it does not really matter either way, this game will sell millions.

Satanas4485d ago

Definitely. Already 4 million preorders+ in North America alone.

I hope Killzone 2 lives up to its hype too.

PhinneousD4485d ago

i'll just go down to your level when i say, 'your a fu<king idiot.'

BlazeXXL4485d ago

Sorry, but I doubt this game will "massacre" the PS3. A lot of good titles are coming out on PS3 in fall.

And to be honest (I played Halo 1 on the pc) I really don't see a lot of difference. Why is this game epic according to some people? It's just Resistance in a different time setting and with a different story.

Just explain me, don't take me bubles. Cause I truly don't see why this game is praised this much.

gta_cb4485d ago

i havnt played Halo enough to answer your question but all i can say is i am really looking forward to this release! =D

oh and 4 million + ! =O it will take how long to make 4million + games? ....

Satanas4484d ago

Don't take that the wrong way, I have a PS3.

The point is, anyone making fun of the game clearly has never played it or is in denial.

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MoonDust4485d ago

Don't worry. This game is coming, regardless of what you say and it will break records again. All you can do is sit back and hate.

Satanas4485d ago

The PS3 fanboys making fun of Halo 3 are as annoying if not more than the 360 fanboys who make fun of the PS3 in general.

Halo 3 WILL be good, there is no doubt, stop denying it. It just makes you look like you're in fear and going into denial by falsely accepting that the game sucks. <--(directed to PS3 fanboys)

omansteveo4485d ago

This [email protected] just got real seriously im pumped if you dont have an xbox get one seriously thats real you'll have so much live gives you a real sense of community.

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The story is too old to be commented.