Need for Speed: Shift - 64 cockpits pictured in detail

PC Games Hardware took screenshots of the cockpits in Need for Speed: Shift. All in all they have 64 pictures because some cars appear twice in the game but don't have different cockpits.

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THC CELL3719d ago

i love the fact that yesterday xbox vs ps3 screens was put up
and people failed the ps3 version on the kockpit screen

well guys it was a trick watch the clip at 2:08
and u will see why the screen changed a lot of peoples mind
btw i got the game this morning and its nothing like the screens posted yesterday

have fun this game is a killer
and dont be put off with noob screenshots

Montrealien3719d ago

they both look good, an if people where put off by stupid comparison they are typical n4g simpletons.

this game is amazing and has, without a doubt the best c*ckpit experience in console racing history imho. And I have played many many racers.

btw, I love how c*ckpit needs to be blocked in here, but not the title.

NaiNaiNai3719d ago

Game looks amazing,

And its even more amazing that 10 years ago, heck 5 years ago, CG really didn't even look this good.