Wii price-cut the worst decision Nintendo has made this generation

"With the Toys R Us ad leaking yesterday, we can't help but question why this may be the dumbest decision Nintendo has made all generation."

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Product3719d ago

So premature. They should have atleast released the black color or something first.

evrfighter3719d ago

wii price cut doesn't really matter at this point. It's if they are selling Wii's at a loss that it'd be a stupid decision.

However just being a slightly upgraded gamecube. They are still making a profit.

Nihilism3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

i think it's stupid, and i also think the wii is good for it's price, i paid as much for my gamecube when i bought it, nintendo is the only console maker that has made a profit from the hadware :

the sony sale numbers are irrelevant as they still make a loss on the console, if nintendo maintained the price as long as possible, they will walk away at the end of this gen extremely successful and profitable

dropping the price will get a few extra sales but like the person said the software is the big drawcard, i traded my wii as there were hardly any games that interested me, not a single rogue squadron game or any of the old games that made the nintendo so appealing


I never said wii was better than ps3, or that it was better value, i said that sony sells the ps3 at a loss, even the slim, so nintendo is raking in the cash on every console sold, and sony is racking up the debt, care to take a look at the link, i'm not pro or anti wii, i just said it's making good money and that it's good for it's price, if sony sells 200,000,000 ps3's they will still have lost money, because if they sold it at a higher price than it's production cost it would not sell at all

RedPawn3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


You have a superioly lacking hardware console (WII), vs one is just waking up from dessert from the last Gen (PS3). Hmmm at $250 vs $299, only $50 dollars more, plus w/more goodies than Gabe Newell can eat, the PS3 ain't looking to bad.

The price drop could go both ways, hindering them bad for 3yrs of oversaturtion, due to weak support. We all know Nin 1st party kills it with the sales, but most people who bought a WII aren't looking for Muramasa or No More Heroes and Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

We shall see what happens, when it happens, if it happens, I just know why I own mine.

Nihilism3719d ago

Muramasa looks amazing, i regret selling my wii when i see games like that coming out now, i also loved mortal kombat on the wii, i used the classic controller.

RedPawn3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Muramasa is an oustanding game.

2nd I completely understand I'm heavily PRO GAMES (R) 1st and foremost.

Kaz Harai, I guess stated they've actually been making profit in the PS3 for a while, now can I confirm or deny, I plead the 5th. To put it bluntly I don't care about the wannabe guru armchair anal-yst garbage. None of us are work in the sales-accounting-marketing department, so these figures charts for regions are useless.

SuperM3719d ago

Nintendo is facing massive decline in sales and they have failed to bring the software to back it up. The only option they have is a price cut, and the only stupid descision they could do now is not to cut the price. With no price cut nintendo will be left in dirt this holiday season.

And why is this article whining about nintendo cutting the price? As far as im concerned the Wii is way overpriced and the consumers deserve a better price on it. Its like buying an 8 year old TV and paying the price of a new one for crying out loud.

heroicjanitor3719d ago

Why the f*ck does this guy think it's great that the wii is priced too high? He is p*ssed that nintendo cut the price, unless he is in charge of shareholder talks he should stfu

AKNAA3719d ago

"wii price cut doesn't really matter at this point. It's if they are selling Wii's at a loss that it'd be a stupid decision."

Maybe it's just me but, did you just sneak a little Jab at the PS3 there?! Lol! if so, then man... Sony must have definitely done something to hurt your feelings in the past huh?!

Anyways, after reading this article... well kinda... I now know one person who actually thinks a wii is worth over $200!?!?
Lol! I'd rather buy a dreamcast rite now for $200 over a wii any day.

IdleLeeSiuLung3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

A Wii price cut is the wisest thing right now. Introducing different colors doesn't mitigate the value of the PS3. The only way to do that is to drop the price.

It is smart of Nintendo to drop the price, before it becomes an issue rather than try drag it out. It's not like it is going to get better.... who knows maybe a Wii HD is in line in the next 2 years. Milk it while you can!

Once you hit the below $200-150 price point, it becomes much easier for an impulse buy. Wii will rock the sales chart in October. We are all looking at you MS!

Sarcasm3719d ago

Some of you guys don't get the overall picture. The Wii has grabbed the attention and sold to a lot of casual consumers. The mom's n pops, the grandma's and grandpa's, the soccer moms, the 8 year old son, the 8 year old nephew etc. etc.

Even if they release a horde of quality titles like Muramasa, The Conduit, No More Heroes etc. etc. Those people aren't going to buy it!

And where are all the hardcore gamers that would buy those games? Most of them own a 360 or PS3.

Sadly, the only things that will really sell from Nintendo is anything that has Super Mario in it. Why? Because Super Mario is a big hit with casual gamers AND hardcore gamers who grew up playing the NES, SNES, N64 etc.

If Nintendo made a Wii version 2 with HD graphics, and make a true Zelda remake. I'll buy it in a heart beat.

Otherwise, no price cut or different colored console can dig them out of the casual market. Which honestly, I don't think they care about because they go home at night and sleep with pillows stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

Anon19743719d ago

Historically, price cuts have provided a long term boost in sales. The only time I can think of when they didn't is with the 360's most recent price cut, which spiked sales for only one quarter before sales leveled off to where the 360 is now, with it's worst sales quarter in two years.

But this is an exception. If you have a look at sales charts, past price cuts on consoles like the PS2, Xbox, etc have always lead to an immediate spike which tapers off, but sales after that point are always stronger when compared to the periods prior to the price cut. Like I said, the only exception has been the 360.

TrueStoryGuy3719d ago

But they're too busy making a machine that prints money.

Wiivolution Now3719d ago

Way to jump to conclusions morons, especially since Nintendo has denied the price cut as of today. The ad is a fake, great going Einsteins.

Anon19743719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

No company is going to tip their hand until they're ready. If a price cut is coming, this is how we're going to find out about it first - from something leaked from retail. The company announcement just confirms it.

Way to make yourself look foolish.

gatorsfan3719d ago

Maybe they are getting ready for the wii HD release but I doubt it.

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qface643719d ago

wow first there are so many articles about how everyone wants a price cut how they need it so badly
now that they do it all of a sudden its the opposite?

anyways no its not the worst decision they have made this gen wii music was x]

also has the add been confirmed to be real
i remember seeing so many fake ps3 price cut adds

Product3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

WiiMusic might not have been a game me and you liked but it had the same focus as the evergreen titles that are the titles actually pushing Wii to crazy sales number. WiiMusic missed the mark, but the philosophy behind it was the same brought to games such as WiiSports and WiiFit.

Did you see the Vitality Sensor at E3? You don't think Nintendo is focusing on capturing more of the nongamers with it? They will use the same philosophy with their current evergreen titles with that accessory and the one game that uses it to its potential alongside it at launch.

rockleex3719d ago

Anyways, its just like with the PS3 Slim and price cut.

People BEGGED Sony for it.

Then they get mad when Sony does it.

Peter North3719d ago

If Nintendo shave off $100 from the Wiis current price then they'll be fine for the rest of the year.

Goomba123719d ago

PN just money shots on every article

Goomba123719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

ehh the author does seem a little bit to harsh but I do agree that Nintendo should release more software. Bring us newer stuff Nintendo. I want more StarFox, FZero, EarthBound, and Donkey Kong, not the usual Mario, Metroid, Zelda.

Seferoth753719d ago

I like how you ask for new stuff while naming off one of their oldest IPs( DK is as old as Mario after all) and then you skip over games like Punch Out, Disaster day of crisis, Warioland, Battalion wars, and a few others..