Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal'

After confirming it was working on a new massively multiplayer game in 2007, Blizzard Entertainment has divulged only a few details on the project. Today at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick offered another breadcrumb of information about the unnamed title--which won't be a competitor to World of Warcraft.

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Madusha3711d ago

Good to see some non warcraft games being released from Blizzard lol.

Pennywise3710d ago

Broad appeal? Great a casual, easy, no depth mmo is on the way.

Leathersoup3710d ago

Could you elaborate? What adds depth to an mmo?

tdrules3710d ago

like World of warcraft isnt casual haha

Pennywise3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Well, the way the item statistics work, the calculations for damage and other stats that were very in depth will probably be removed. The level of skill involved to be a good team will be lessened. I am sure they will make it more casual welcome. Which could hurt the whole hardcore team play that WoW supports.

I think things like the ridiculous amounts of time for farming should be lessened, but this is my only complaint. It is because of this that it was nothing but a time sink and a waste of life.

@above. I havent played WoW in a couple years. I had to quit cold turkey. WoW had its casual players, but they had no place with the guilds I rolled with. Things have probably changed since I quit.

@morgan After reading BK's remarks about activision and his vision of what gaming could be... I expected this fully. Its a damn shame. I still want Diablo3. It is the only game I will be purchasing from this company.

morganfell3710d ago

Agreed. Thus begins the corporate dumbing down of Blizzard. I guess they are being told their low numbers are an indication their current titles are too cerebral and difficult.

BRG90003710d ago

I'm kind of doubting that there will be as many parallels to WoW as Pennywise drew in his comments above. Between the "broader appeal" and "not going to compete with WoW" comments, I really feel like this game will be a completely different animal. Who says gear and farming will be aspects of the game at all?

Remember that they constantly call it an MMO. They don't include the letters RPG.

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Tony P3710d ago

"more broad appeal"?

If it gets anymore broader than WoW it'll be Free Realms.

-GametimeUK-3710d ago

I will probably check it out... Lets just hope they actually balance the pvp in this game... I mean they had to nerf their own arena 2's bracket because they failed horribly in balancing it... That is one sucky and lazy solution to a BIG problem

Relientk773710d ago

If it isnt free I dont care

WOW = not free its stupid