IGN: Eyes-On Final Fantasy Dissidia

There is a Final Fantasy All-Stars game on its way, and it's headed to PSP.

IGN reports:

"Today at the Final Fantasy Anniversary party in Makuhari Japan, Square screened a brief but satisfying trailer in its Closed Mega Theatre. The first scene opens with a pre-rendered CG shot of a brown and barren rocky terrain. The screen flashes white, and dissolves to a close-up of Cecil Harvey's face, the hero from Final Fantasy IV.

After several exciting exchanges between Cecil and his infamous enemy Kain Highwind, Zidane of Final Fantasy IX fame pops-up on screen. He's got a new PSP look, illustrated in hip Nomura-esque stylings, fighting for his life in a fast and vicious battle. When the action clears, we get a glance at Kuja, Zidane's nemesis from FF IX.

When the CG returns to the trailer, we see a spring of fire gush out of the ground, only to reveal Sephiroth, the silver-haired baddie from Final Fantasy VII. First his silhouette appears, then that famous close-up of his face.

There's no word on a release date in Japan, or word of any plans to release this game in the U.S. But don't worry too much. There's a good chance this will make it's way out here."

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elliot_4481d ago

hehe this is a nice article...i really want to see that movie...i'm playing FF9 at this time...i love all FF series...since the 7

Pheneus4481d ago

getting a little tired of all this FF mania?
They are going to kill the brand power and harm their company.

DaTrooF4481d ago

i like ff..although i would like them to stop before they kill it...but as long as SE has some juice left in it that could deliver a good game..BRING IT ON!!
btw why is SE releasing all those ff titles but not ff7(dont count the spinoffs)?
i think they should stop all those projects so they could release ff7 on the ps3 ASAP.....ff 8 wouldnt hurt eighter.STOP WITH ALL THE least..for now.

tehcellownu4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

All Final Fantasy games have different storylines, battles style, enemies and characters..the only thing they are re-using is the name final fantasy..I know they are doin some remakes but they are makin millions of fans happy..I think the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is goin to make appearance on the PS3 soon!! They alrady did a tech demo. and they never denied that its not there.. Dissidia better come here !! i want to see some trailers right now.

midgard2294481d ago

unlike nintendo draining zelda for 20 years with the same story and weapons and enemies. same with mario, metroid etc... its fine for different games to come out. nintendo fans get smash bros, we get dissidia. :D which thats just great. and playing like kingdom hearts. thats even better. wud be cool if u cud have reactions as counters or somethin ;p lol. but yeah yay for Square-enix.

P.S. nintendo is re-releasing all their games with no updates Via Virtual Console, i think nintendo is milking themselves. just my opinion.

sumfood4u4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo gonna get this game for my PSP, I wish Square/Enix had a game like puzzle fighter with FF heros. just a suggestion to any Square fans who's in business! lol. It reminds me of my other FF fight game called Ehrgeiz! The fighting felt bland, but CS rock on the Psone game.

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