IGN AU: Wet Review

IGN AU writes: "It's sad, then, that Wet never really comes together nearly as well as it could've. When you break it down into key components, Wet stacks up well; The soundtrack – an eclectic mix of rockabilly, hip-hop, funk and guitar rock – combined with the grindhouse aesthetic, make for a very digestible mix. The gunplay is definitely derivative, but it works – and the platforming is acceptable, if not polished or wholly reliable. But for all of these elements that work - cool 'Rage' moments, arena fight or neat set-piece sequence and so on - there's a lot of bland, 'grey' content too, and the lack of focus and polish definitely detracts from the experience. Sadly, by parodying the B-grade movie market, it comes perilously a B-grade game in the process. Oops".

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ReservoirDog3163720d ago

This seems like a good rental. And I tend to trust IGN AU reviews cause they're usually the most critical out of the other IGN branches.