PS3 has made [email protected] #1 globally

Another piece of good Folding news has made its way to the internet. The PS3 has made [email protected] the most powerful distributed computing resource on the entire planet.

For the calculations being run, it makes the PS3 and the Folding project as a whole the most powerful supercomputer of any type.

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gta_cb4175d ago

this is good, i personaly didnt know about [email protected] until it was announced on the PS3, so when i found out about it i started leaving my PC on all the time running it lol, i have stopped it atm, but will prob start it again 2night...

ITR4175d ago

Here are the stats.

PS3 is doing the most work so far.

My Mac groups are doing ok, but I personally turn off folding when I'm not using my Mac.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

i love [email protected]
i do it as much as i can.
with being paranoid about my system(2 broken 360 did it to me,it`s frustrating)

[email protected] is the most "next gen thing" out so far.

i got 31 units.

Torch4175d ago

Please feel free to hop aboard Team 59187 (Nonno G), should you be interested.

A special sincere thanks to those who have offered their resources thus far, who have helped submit cumulitive total of 84 work units as of this writing...and counting!!!

shysun4175d ago

I just joined hope I can help.

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The story is too old to be commented.