NecroVisioN interview with new concept images

Needless to say the 2005's first person shooter Painkiller was a cult favorite for fans of the genre. Last year, members of the game's development team have created a new company called The Farm 51 and are using the Painkiller engine for an all new title called NecroVisioN.

From the interview:
GGMania: To start off, can you give us a brief overview of NecroVisioN?

Kamil Bilczynski: NecroVisioN is a war-horror shooter with fantasy elements, the main idea of which is a combination of shooting & spells in brutal and intensive combat. The player is like Van Helsing, meeting the undead during the Great War - an explosive journey leads him into the Underground Kingdom of vampires and demons. Our goal is to create a title with a huge fun factor coming from shooting and basic combat with the addition of some unusual and unprecedented elements in such type of games like spells or fatalities.

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Ru4487d ago

But how about a projected release date?
Or some actual in game screens?
Im betting this will be a good game but whats the hold up FarmBoys?

MK_Red4486d ago

1.Game looks awesome!! I LOVED Painkiller.
2.Hopefully a big publisher buys their game.
3.Actual game screenshots are there within the interview.