More Forza 2: Nurburgring Nordschleife

Giving you a real good look at the new and improved track known as The Green Hell, this unusual race was an in-house challenge at Turn 10 studios.

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ITR4175d ago

Man I love the Nordschleife.

If I had $120-150k to spare I would buy a apt near the track.

Rybnik4175d ago

LOL. That would be pretty cool. Do you race in real life?

ITR4175d ago

I've been a track instructor for 2 yrs at's a small road course near the Talladega speedway.
Mostly SCCA stuff.

I've tracked mostly at TGP, Road Atlanta, and Barbers.
The best track..well isn't a track at all. Ever been to Deal's Gap? AKA the Dragon's Tail? (TN Chat area)
318 turns in 11 miles with a 5,000 ft drop on one side!

If you got balls go full speed in the wet!

I've taken all my cars there.
00' DC2 ITR
04' MK4 R32
06' MK5 GTi

03' Lotus Elise(not my car but a friends car)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4173d ago

hmmm R32 love that car, I myself am planning on buying either a Skyline R34 Nur spec, RX-7(FD),RX-7(FC),RX-8,240SX, or an AE86.

(initial D got me into cars)

Rybnik4175d ago

That's awesome. Sadly my racing experience has been mainly limited to the virtual world. I am interested in getting into the real thing, but I don't really have the money yet to support such a habit...maybe in a few more years. In the meantime I feel incredibly lucky that I can even experience some of excitement I would in real life due to the increasing realism of these impressive sim games!

power of Green 4175d ago

Agreed! THIS GAME IS FUN MAN I LOVE DRIVING THE CARS, LOOK SO TRUE TO LIFE COMPARED TO OTHER GAMES. The sense of speed is great and the braking and gas is unmatched.

LoveHateTragedy4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

but definitely improved from the previous builds. I did notice a quick moment of pop-in near the beginning though (when the camera's faced to the side of the track), but I'm probably just nitpicking.

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The story is too old to be commented.