IGN: NHL 10 Review

IGN writes: "NHL 10 is a great hockey game, don't get me wrong. The action is as good and as authentic as I've ever seen from a hockey outing and fans of the sport who didn't pick up last year's game have no reason to miss out this time. This package is as complete and all-encompassing as any sports game out there with great multiplayer and single-player modes. The biggest problem that fans of the series will have is that it just isn't all that different from NHL 09. There are "new" modes that are tacked on pieces from things that we've seen in the past and the gameplay refinements are a mixed bag that feel as though they could have been tuned just a bit better before launch. Nothing is a bad or poor choice that even comes close to ruining the experience, but there could have been more done to expand the core gameplay and offering of modes".

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