Infinity Ward Studio Tour

The mapMonkeys were invited to Infinity Ward and posted a quick tour. (Btw, possibly new multiplayer info tomorrow!)

Just to get it out of the way: "worst... tour.... EVER" but we love the mapMonkeys for posting it on Facebook »!

The mapMonkeys crew are pro-glitchers and were invited into the Infinity Ward HQ to debug and help find exploits before the game is beyond the point of repair. They didn't get paid for it, but all expenses were covered by Infinity Ward (sweet deal!). Thanks glory gunz » for the heads-up.

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Saaking3710d ago

So that where they make one of the most milked overrated games in history.

dgroundwater3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Right... It's played by tens of thousands by the hour two years after it's out. Totally overrated.

swiftshot933710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

So this is where the AAAs have been made. Awesome. CAN NOT WAIT for MW2!

Edit: lol I already pre-ordered both versions and paid them in full. Im playing this game with all my friends. MW2 is seen as "the" game of the holiday season, which is why everyone will buy it.

ape0073710d ago

these guys have so much talent,I really respect them,they know how to grab your brain and fill it with amazement

Respect for Infinity ward

cod 4 was one of the best fps of this generation and of all time

mw2 looks absolutely stunning,the sp mission was amazing

the two mp vids made my jaw drop

really,REALLY cannot wait for mw2,Im excited to a point where I may buy both versions of the game