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With Christopher Nolan successfully rebooting Batman on the silver screen in recent years, the dark knight is pretty hot property right now. Alternative Magazine Online didn't realise before writing this review, but there have actually been a LOT of Batman games over the years, usually to tie in with the various film releases, with varying degrees of success.

This new Batman game from Rocksteady Studios is nothing do with the recent film releases though, recently being released on the PS3 and Xbox360, with the PC release coming at a later date. The version we are reviewing is the PS3 version, but it should apply to the XBox360 version as well: at long last, it seems that multi-platform game design is reaching a stage where differences between the HD console versions is negligible.

So, what is Batman: Arkham Asylum all about? The premise is based on the huge wealth of Batman comic book lore that is available, presenting an interpretation of what could be the worst night of Batman's night. The game moves away from the usual location of Gotham City, to the island upon which Arkham Asylum is situated...

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