1UP: Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Review

1UP writes: "But while Dark Hero Days has its share of shortcomings, it's still Disgaea -- and even a "bad" Disgaea can be an enjoyable experience. So, that leaves me with a dilemma. Do I recommend the game to series newcomers, knowing that it's far from the optimal introduction to the franchise? Do I recommend the game to Disgaea devotees, knowing that it features minimal improvements over a game they've likely already played to death? In the end, I'd say Dark Hero Days is mildly recommendable, but with a huge caveat: It's a decent Disgaea... just not anywhere close to the best Disgaea".

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MattyF3713d ago

I disagree with the review. This is a brilliant port and the new content makes it an amazing Disgaea title.

Da One3713d ago

1Up has lost their damn minds

MattyF3713d ago

Absolutely. They have never given these type of games proper credit. The majority of reviews have been 8-9's for the game.