And the best DS game of the year is... - G&M reviews M&L:BIS

Mario's ability to captivate people of all ages and both genders is second to none, and rightly so. The games in which he and his crew-Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and the rest-have appeared have been delighting players with their innocuous yet utterly compelling mechanics for decades, and this latest entry is one of the best yet.

The third edition in the Mario & Luigi series, Bowser's Inside Story sees the bros' spiky-shelled arch nemesis inhaling the duo (along with Princess Peach and the rest of Mushroom Kingdom's royal court) at the outset. Once inside the enormous turtle, Mario and Luigi travel around his innards, visiting such locations as the Nose Deck, Trash Pit, and, my personal favourite, Rump Command, battling parasites and Bowser's immune system alike as they try to track down Peach and escape their organic prison.

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