IGN Entertainment Selected as Exclusive North American Media Sales Partner for EA's Battlefield Heroes

IGN Entertainment today announced an exclusive North American third-party advertising partnership with Electronic Arts Inc., for Battlefield Heroes. Under the terms of the partnership, IGN will serve as the exclusive sales partner for all in-game brand integration and online advertising for EA's web-based, free-to-download, free-to-play arcade shooter.

The partnership represents the latest move of both companies to create breakthrough solutions for marketers and underscores IGN's strength and proven track record in serving the gaming community.

Battlefield Heroes offers advertisers a variety of opportunities for engaging brand integration and marketing, including strong community networking capabilities, high accessibility and creative elements that can be continually changed or refreshed.

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JasonXE3709d ago

basically IGN just sold out to EA for some money and now we'll be seeing nothing but BF Heroes advertisements everywhere on the IGN network.


Blaze9293709d ago

sounds about right.....lame. So IGN just became EA's b!tch for awhile huh.

evrfighter3709d ago

IGN - Where from now on EA games score no less than 9

LordMarius3709d ago

So are we expecting a bias review

HolyOrangeCows3709d ago

Or ultimately another ''giantbomb'' site :P

djfullshred3709d ago

So basically, go to other sites if you want an honest review.

InFAMOUS13709d ago

IGN should call Activision and speak to Bobby Krackhead, I bet he would want in on this deal as long as it made EVERYONE miserable and put a billion into the company.
Maybe he can advertise his new stand alone GH series on IGN and in return they can put cute lil scratch and sniff stickers on the guitars YAH!

UGH! rant over

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