No NBA 10: The Inside On PS3

GameFocus writes: "We don't know exactly what happened but all we know is that Sony decided to not release NBA 10: The Inside on PS3, focusing only on the PSP platform. We assume that the PS2 version would also be a no-show.

After the announcement regarding the PSP version of the game earlier today, we contacted Sony to inquire but no more details or explanations were given to us. Personally, I'm not surprised to see this happening, since the NBA LIVE and NBA 2K franchises are taking a large chunk of the basketball game market, but still I am a little bit shocked."

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OGharryjoysticks3717d ago

coming from the same team that makes MLB the show is not acceptable because the show 09 was probably the best sport game ever so far. Even the big PR guy at Microsoft (I forgot his name) said that was his favorite game. So let them go back to the drawing board or drop it all together. It never sold on PS3 anyway so Sony was funding a charity case there. Maybe it returns next year but I doubt it. If they could put some PS3 graphics in it that would be good. MLB 09 The Show looks like a poor mans Uncharted

Lou-Cipher3717d ago

I agree.

That is the one PlayStation exclusive that was just plain garbage.

If they would make an NBA game as good as they make the MLB games, then they would have a reason to actually make it.

Its funny how Sony can make such an outstanding Baseball game, but suck so bad at making a Basketball game.

I guess its like how 2K makes a great NBA game, but is horrible when it comes to making a Hockey or Baseball game.

Simon_Brezhnev3717d ago

i just think they taking a year off to work on the ps3 verson for next year

Snoogins3717d ago

I seem to remember this happenstance before from one of Sony's internal sports studios in either the PSone or PS2 era. Taking a year or more off to go back to the drawing board and restructure the franchise is a great idea. Creating arguably the best baseball franchise in gaming only to make a very average basketball game is inexcuseable.

Dead_Cell3717d ago

But I don't see it,someone explain it to me.
It might be just me being English and it not being like "a national sport".