New GTA IV details and No San Andreas Stories for the PSP

A lot of people have been clamoring for more details on Grand Theft Auto IV. Fortunately, Official PlayStation Magazine Australia has released some more tidbits on the game and they are quite interesting.

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DaTrooF4482d ago

According to Dan Houser, VP of Creative for Rockstar Games, they haven't yet figured out if GTA IV is going to spark off another set of GTA games connected to it, and they're currently just focusing on this single game. He does say he "would have a certain confidence" setting GTA outside the United States, such as England, in the future.

by future does he mean gta5 or an add on to gta4 that lets you go to places such as England?

Numark4482d ago

Well, at this point no one besides him and the company would know that. By future, he may mean an add-on or a whole new game.

eclipsegryph4482d ago

Didn't GTA II feature a 1960's London expansion? If so, I think that would set a precedent for the series' setting to be non-American.

tehcellownu4482d ago

goin to get it for my ps3 and make use of it better on the ps3..since the xbox360 is havin so much problems.

ShAkKa4482d ago

i was hoping for another psp gta game i still want to play their games with the same old graphics atleast on psp or ps2 i got gta3 vc sa lcs and vcs and all are 5 out 5 to me.

Premonition4482d ago

Co op sounds sweet, cant wait to hear more details