Is Xbox LIve Still Worth the Price Of Admission?

Xbox Live has been an industry revolutionizer, it is the one feature introduced in the last 10 years that has had the biggest impact on gaming. Console gaming in the past has largely been a very personal experience, and as the industry has evolved gaming has become a more social, and connected experience

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Xbox360Elite3711d ago

YES 100% worth the price.

3711d ago
Saaking3711d ago

Bots love getting screwed by MS. XBL is a ripoff.

KionicWarlord2223711d ago

....We already have one on the stove we dont need another.

ATY3711d ago

It is a silly article.

Being forced to pay 50 dollars every year for laggy P2P online gaming never was 'worth the price of admission'.

KionicWarlord2223711d ago

You are not forced to do anything .

Johnny Rotten3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

your not forced to buy LIVE, I haven't paid for it for almost 3 years now :)

3 years of LIVE is $180+13%tax in Canadian dollars, and that's not including the other members of the household.

Killjoy30003711d ago

If you are a 360 owner and want to take advantage of quite possibly the best feature of your 360, then yes you are forced.

DasBunker3711d ago

lol another one of these? soon we'll have the "why XBL is worth the price" articles from pro-MS sites.. just like theyre doing with ODST lol "buh..buh.. but its worth it!" lol

when you need articles to tell you something is worth it most likely it isnt

Saaking3711d ago

NO, XBL should be free imo. The only big thing it offers over PSN is cross game chat, and that's not enough to warrent 50 bucks. imo.

darthv723711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I am usually on there watching netflix in the evening but I do like to play 1 vs 100 from 4:30 on. I am addicted to that game.

edit: now why would I get a disagree for stating that I use the service? I wasnt being disrespectful to anyone but some sure are to me.

HolyOrangeCows3711d ago

For a guy who just wants to play some games (On mostly third party servers), I don't have reason to pay $50 a year. That's good VG money.
Their servers aren't any better than on other platforms.

I don't need Netflix, Facebook, chatting options (Which are nice, but I have several devices for communication), etc.

Blaze9293711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

It's worth it for me becuase TO ME, $50 a YEAR is childs play. Unless you are just dying broke I don't see the big deal in it. "It should be free?" So what, it isnt. So either get over it or get a PS3. Xbox LIVE offers alot of great features, events, contests, exclusive demos/dlc and much more than just the regular online multiplayer that just make the online gaming experience the best out of the three current gen systems.

Like I said, don't like paying or can't afford $50 a year, then dont. Get a PS3 or Wii or just game on your PC. But all people know and think about is "no, to play online it should be free"...nvm everything else Xbox LIVE does.....

Of all my friends i know who had/has LIVE and all my friends on Xbox LIVE, the statement "it isnt worth it" never came up. I've heard things like "ulgh you gotta pay?" come up all the time but never had someone outright say "nah forget that. $50? Its not even worth it"

morganfell3711d ago

Kionic, that is tantamount to saying that Multiplayer isn't necessary for gaming. You are wrong.

IdleLeeSiuLung3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I mean, if you pay $50 annually, you must deem it is worth it and probably play it more than a your average Joe. This might ensure higher skilled players.

I'm not saying, there aren't good players on PSN, but rather the gamers on Xbox Live probably play more and hence attain better skill. Of course this is just conjecture.

I suck, so getting someone I can beat is more fun for me though, but I will kick ass in Ninja Gaiden II!!!

D4RkNIKON3711d ago

I agree, we have already had one of these articles today. Once is enough.

SaberEdge3711d ago

Like any product, it is worth it if you think it is worth it, and not worth it if you don't think it is worth it. For me, it is worth it. I really enjoy what LIVE has to offer and the fee isn't too high. PSN has been catching up though, so Microsoft are going to need to keep evolving the service to stay ahead (which they have been doing). Anyway, I like what the competition between the two companies is bringing to us, the gamers.

Game13a13y3711d ago

all the 360 fanboys might say XBL is worth it, but hello!! PSN is free, if Sony charges us for PSN, then you might be able to say XBL is worth it. so guess what, after 5 years, us PS3 owners will have $250 extra safely sitting inside our bank, but yours already gone to MS pocket.

ThanatosDMC3711d ago

People should really complain more about being charged to play online... that way consumers might be able to get it for free.

Blaze9293711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

thats right. Keep thinking that's all Xbox LIVE is, a gateway to play online. Nevermind everything else that it does. Nevermind you know...actually experiencing it compared to the competition. And I mean EXPERIENCE it....

KionicWarlord2223711d ago

Maybe Microsoft should make a online only plan . They do those live weekends on the community events when you can play live multiplayer for free but its only for certain games ....maybe they should do some for all games .

Blaze9293711d ago

I think they should just deliver online multiplayer and only the ability to play online and chat with people IN that game and THAT game only for silver members. I mean, thats all live does right? So they should do ahead and just give silver online multiplayer since thats all people care about. No cross game chat, no none of that special mumbo jumbo. Just give them the ability to hop online and play multiplayer.

Then we'll see how many people choose to stay Gold for a reason...

slayorofgods3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I'm surprised 360 owners don't argue against these hidden fees more often. We all know having xbox live or the PSN is a requirement for gaming nowadays.

Xbox Live is a raw deal and I don't understand why people support/defend it over the PSN.

Have you seen the competition lately or should I say EXPERIENCED them. I fail to see how live IS better, I only see how Live WAS better.

NegativeCreepWA3711d ago

Blah, blah, blah, that's all I'm hearing.

When Sony starts handling the match making servers for every game on PSN I will think Live is over priced. Right now they only take care of their own games, while third party devs fend for themselves.

Might as well copy and paste my comment from the last one because its the same ignorant crap.

HolyOrangeCows3711d ago

And I will say XBL is worth it when IT ''starts handling the match making servers for every game on XBL''

Because it does not. Third parties are just as much on their own on XBL.

Blaze9293711d ago

"I fail to see how live IS better, I only see how Live WAS better"

"I fail to see"


"I fail"

...yeah don't comment anymore please. Point proven.

AridSpider3711d ago

ROFL you just PWNED him. hahahaha

ProA0073711d ago

ok i gotta admit that was hilarious.

JasonXE3711d ago

its funny becuase slayorofgods is over there talking about experiencing things and he's talking about what he doesnt "see" meaning he doesnt own a 360 and/or doesnt use Xbox LIVE to experience what it is, just going off what he "sees". Lmao fail

By the looks of Blaze's profile, looks like he does "experience" both PSN and Xbox LIVE.

jut4203711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I don't believe Live is worth the price of admission anymore. When PSN first came out, then yea I'd say that Live was definately worth the price of admission but Sony keeps improving their network and interface significantly while Live improves with little things once in a while. Don't get me from NXE was a huge update but other than avatars and a new interface, did it add many things that your Xbox couldn't do before? If so I was unaware of the improvments. Live did come standard with many things that PS3 had to improve upon and add functionality for, many people are still waiting for cross-game chat (which I hate because a lot of people use it to cheat, but I will admit it is a very cool feature when used right, but to be honest I would rather not have the function at all then having people use it to cheat). I think Sony is on par with Microsoft's service in almost ever aspect. Home is better in my opinion than looking at your avatar. PSN has a ton of content on it now and definately is not lacking in games or movies or tv shows. Xbox has Netflix which doesn't really interest me but Sony I'm sure is working to provide a similar service. Also, I just don't see being able to access Facebook or Twitter from your 360 is any big thing. I mean I'm sure if you have an Xbox360 that goes online, you most likely have a computer, which is where I'm sure you made your account. Are people really going to update their Twitter after each Live match... "Just pwnd in COD, going back for more!!!" lol I'm just making it a point because they seemed to think that this was a huge thing coming to the 360 at E3 and I couldn't have been more dissapointed. My main thing with the price of admission is that, although I understand this gen of consoles have far more functionality, I still don't understand how Microsoft expects people who played PS2 online to all of the sudden start paying for an online service to game on. Coming from being a PS2 owner and owning now a 360 and PS3 it just doesn't sit right with me that I have to pay for live to play games online. Sure make me pay for the videos and exclusive demos and discounts on games and game add-ons, but don't take away the online functionality of games if I don't want to sign up for your service when I can get the same online functionality in multiplatform games if I was to own a PS3. Being a multiconsole owner I feel stupid sometimes for paying for Live just to be able to play with my friends on Live. There's nothing I get of significance that I don't get from my PS3 for free.

NegativeCreepWA3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Come back when you know what your talking about. On Live all games run through MS match making servers with the exception of EA games and a few others that choose not to. A good example is COD4. On live it goes through Live servers, on PSN Infinity Ward pays for match making servers through Game Spy. Go look it up, then tell me I'm wrong. That's why so many Arcade and Indie games have online modes on Live, because devs don't need to worry about server cost. It also ensures that the servers will never shut down for a game(with the exception of EA games because they want to control there market by shutting down servers).

This is the real reason Live has a fee, every one just chooses to ignore it.

Again, you and rest of the babbling fools on this site should come back when you actually know what your talking about.

KRUSSIDULL3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I wouldnt mind it being free and all but I think MS need to charge for Live. They need to turn profit after all.

Silver = Free Online Play
Gold = What we have now + Free Premium Themes & Gamerpictures, avatar clothes no MMO online fees and (dedicated servers?)

slayorofgods3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

You aren't really saying anything except a play on words. So what? How is insulting me proving ANYTHING except.
1. Why I don't like Xbox Live users (compared to PSN users). I'm sure if the 13 year old boy thing is your style then have at xbox live.
2. You don't even know me (as you assume I what I experienced).
3. I hear a lot of noise, but not one damn thing that illustrates why xbox live is better then the PSN.
4. Why are you mad at me, Microsoft is the one that is raping you?

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MGOelite3711d ago

xbox live is better but its not £40 better

Dutch Boogie3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Simple answer is NO!. The only reason 360 gamers pay is because they have no choice (either pay to go online or be bored after 5 hours of a SP game). Also another disturbing fact is that for such a high priced yearly subscription one would think M$ would invest in some heavy dedicated servers for their games (stupid beyond belief).

I mostly game on my ps3 and i find it better to be honest. It is free and the fact that most games (if not all) have dedicated servers just sweetens the deal. I don't require all that "cross chat" nonsense because after all, i bought the darn console to play games. If i wanna chat i have a mobile phone or use skype while playing on my console lol. Just my opinion folks.

*goes back to playing Uncharted 1 in preparation for U2*

ctfkev3711d ago

I game on both 360 and ps3...... psn/360: ctfkev

Anywho, halo 3, gears of war 1 and 2 have super laggy games due to peer to peer

whereas killzone 2, resistance, and warhawk all have dedicated servers, and get this... its free!!!

so you tell me whats better.

And dont tell me call of duty 4 or waw is faster on 360 cause they both use peer to peer on both consoles.

kwicksandz3711d ago

i have to call you out one one big thing here. most games on PSN DONT have dedicated servers. Only a few big first party ones. which is just like live whos majority is P2P with a few dedicated server games as well.

And really so many people downplay cross game chat. Being with 5 of your buddies across multiple games is such a great experience. I wish PSN had it if only so that some of the more one sided users here could experience it themselves.

randomwiz3711d ago

"WarHawk you should, their is nothing like it"

agreed! I want to see Warhawk 2 that improves on Warhawk.