The New Playstation Will Give Sony A Fresh Start

Go Gaming Giant looks at the new Playstation and how it will help give Sony a fresh start in this console war.

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Go Gaming Giant3710d ago

it may be just what Sony needs

FlatulentGhost3710d ago

"it may be just what Sony needs"

Yes, Sony definitely NEEDS a fresh start from:

* The third fastest selling console in history - only behind the PS2 and Wii which sold for half the price

* Already having dumped the 360 into last place in Japan

* Already having dumped the 360 into last placer in Europe - even with a year and a half earlier launch

Another stupid article from another dope in the gaming media trying to rewrite history.

ape0073710d ago

the new attractive ps2 like "ps3" logo

the new awesome slim model

the new $299 price tag

the ads

sony got almost everything right

now one thing only remaining

a fw update that have all the xbl features

astrobrights3710d ago

I never doubted Sony like most. Their plans have always been long-term and it's starting to payoff now.

Syronicus3709d ago

Just how many of those devout Xbox fanbabies are now eating crow? You can see it in the articles when the Xbox Fanboy Journalists start writing articles in suspense of a bright future with Sony instead of the doom and gloom articles we were having to read just a couple weeks ago. Playstation 3, it just does everything... Including putting the smack down to stupid fanboys on the MS side of the fence.

ABizzel13709d ago

That sounds weird to say, but it seems to be so true. The PS3 Slim and it's price cut has put Sony in a whole spot. They are announce more and more exclusive games, releasing better content, and just can't be stopped right now. All they have to do is keep this momentum, and they will with their stellar line up of games this holiday and into 2010.

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Gabe EatsWell3710d ago

I didn't read the article but I agree that the PS3 slim will give Sony a fresh start.

rockleex3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Gabe Newell won't eat well after hearing that.

Or maybe he'll just eat more. Who knows?

gooneygugu3710d ago

Seems that way, the NPDs put them just behind the 360 for the first time in 8 or 9 months

SpaceInsomniac3710d ago

I've heard that the blu ray player in the PS3 is still one of the best that you can buy, thanks to firmware updates. That alone is a great reason to pickup a PS3. Throw in exclusives like God of War 3 and Infamous, and you have a great game console.

Go Gaming Giant3710d ago

ye the Blu-Ray player is the best one out there, cheap and is constantly updated because of the firmware updates

ukilnme3709d ago

Can't argue with that logic.

LukeA3710d ago

The single reason why I never bought a PS3 before was purely because of price. Now the slim has been released and with it a drop in price, when my 360 bricks I'll probably pick one up. Don't get me wrong, I love my 360, but with failure rates over 50%, it's only a matter of time before I see those evil red lines.

SnuggleBandit3710d ago

do yourself a favor and just leave that thing on for two days straight *warning* you might want to have a fire extinguisher ready at all times :)

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The story is too old to be commented.