Undead Knights - ZTGD Preview

ZeroTolerance writes: Undead Knights is a game that up to this point has had absolutely no press about it. Tecmo has been quiet about this release, and after diving into the latest preview build I am not quite sure why. The game mixes the visceral action from games like Devil May Cry with the minion control found in Overlord for an eclectic mix of strategy and hack and slash. Mixing the two genres is always going to be a challenge, but the way Tecmo has integrated controlling your zombies and utilizing traditional attacks makes Undead Knights a treat to play. This is one PSP game to keep your eye on when it releases in late September.

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ThanatosDMC5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

A better comparison would be towards Chaos Legion. One of my all time favorite games. They should have ripped the UMD... i mean... uhh... yeah, to see the multiplayer.


PSP Power Sale Now Live (Pt. 2)

Tecmo Koei Europe has launched their special promotion, the “PSP Power Sale”, a new sale available on some of the top PlayStation Portable (PSP) titles from the publisher. Including the likes of Dynasty Warriors and Undead Knights, the promotion runs for two weeks from today.

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Inception4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

Yeah, i luv kasumi tits <3
but i never have the time for playing DoA tits...em i mean DoA Paradise
is it worth the time & money?


Tecmo Koei will offer their PSP games cheaper next week

With next update of Playstation Store, the second round of promotion "PSP Power Sale" with games for PlayStation Portable will appear. Among the available titles will include such those issued by Tecmo Koei.

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Spaziogames Review: Undead Knights

Spaziogames: Since the advent of George Romero film, the undisputed master of American horror movies, zombies were no longer the same: the first associated with the Caribbean folklore and voodoo rituals, from the first film by the U.S. are now the nemesis of the genus human, our distorted image in the mirror and, in "life" was, from time to time, some bacteriological weapon or an epidemic out of control due to military experiments decided by a corrupt and unscrupulous.

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