SE Party 2007: Over 30 scans from the party archive -- FFXIII, Versus XIII, Crisis Core and more!

Over 30 scans from the party archive have been uploaded. The scans are of various Square Enix games including Final Fantasy XII International, Final Fantasy IV DS, Crisis Core: FFVII, Dragon Quest IX, DS Style, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, Agito XIII and more!

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4486d ago

but i want a gameplay vid. now!
ok not now, but soon.

Cartesian3D4486d ago

help me plz.. this link doesnt work for me..

thx. :)

Cartesian3D4486d ago

this link doesnt work for me... I dont know why .. but i tried several times.. but I cant open it even 1 time..

elliot_4486d ago

yeah i want some videos of the show