Undergrounnd Hype 26: Are Multiplatform Games Better On The 360?

Analoghype write: Another week, another podcast. We jump off with the usual greatness and end with button pushing facts that will make the fan boys go crazy. This weeks podcast crew include Terence, Jason, Micheal, Khalid, and Keem as they take on topics.

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Greywulf3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Graphics Detail(Anti Aliasing Levels/Texture Filtering)
Loading times(Installation vs no installation speeds)

Which all require side by side 5x zoomed in comparisons.

Yep. Based on that you'd be lying to yourself to say the 360 doesn't have the upper hand.

But, are Ps3 exclusives better than the best Multiplatform games? MLBThe Show vs 2k, Infamous vs Prototype, Gran Turismo vs Need For Speed, LBP vs.. Killzone2 vs COD4/5/MW2, MGS4 vs...

Graphics Detail(Anti Aliasing Levels/Texture Filtering)
Animation ( Blending )
Post Processing (Object Motion Blur)
Loading times


I'd imagine millions are fine with taking an identical game with a fifteenth less AA & Uncharted2 over more AA and Ninja Blade.

Do you buy a game console for multiplatform games? Because most of the major ones are still on the PS2.

ATY3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Post two screen shots or sets of footage of your average multiplatform game for the PS3 and the 360 and Xbox fans will scream like their lives depend on it that 'teh 360 version looks better' and PS3 won't care.

Post PS3 screenshots labeled '360' and vice versa and Xbox fans will scream 'teh 360 version looks better'

This is what happens when you have the colossal tranwreck of wimpy Xbox 360 graphics hardware and a gimped storage format that is smaller than last gen had for the PS2 and Xbox - 7 gigs vs 8.5 gigs combined with a tiny and technically mediocre first party developer lineup.

All you have left is the 'teh multiplats look better on teh 360' talking point.

Every other gen, each console had graphically amazing games that you couldn't find on other consoles. This is the first gen where a console, the PS3, has absolutely destroyed by its competition, the 360, across the board in graphics.

The 'teh multiplats look better on teh 360' damage control meme has the benefit that it appeals to some silly notion of 'fairness'. That, yeah, PS3 exclusive annihilate everything on the 360 but you have to pretend the 360 has 'teh multiplats' in its favor so everything balances out.

It's a moot point for the most part. Most 360 owners have long since moved on to some sort of Wii-like 'I never really cared about shallow stuff like graphics anyway, I only care about gameplay'. And PS3 owners at best look at the claims with disinterested amusement.

skatezero2463715d ago

in 2007 yes now no because the developers are starting to figure out the ps3's tech

DonCorneo3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

sometimes, the ps3 version is better for major games.. burnout paradise, gta4 and batman aa look better on the ps3, but a crappy game like nfs undercover does not. ultimately, the difference is negligible.

not much difference to write home about..

but the ps3 has a better controller and it's not on always laggy p2p connection for online.