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GrE writes, "I now declare the holiday season open! This week is a HUGE week for gamers! The first big racing game of the season, Need for Speed: Shift comes racing onto shelves this week. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is a game that I would consider a must own. Another personal favorite is the sequel to the best sports game of last year, NHL10. Capping things off, a slew of proven console games are making their way to the PC in the forms of Batman, Red Faction and Resident Evil.

So why would I pick a strangely named hand held game for the Release of the Week?..."

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CrAppleton3710d ago

This game looks so awesome!

Haly3710d ago

I have to wait till October for this :( aaargh :(

roblef3710d ago

Maybe you have a nice US friend who could send it to you. Then again, Oct isn't THAT far away. :)

roblef3710d ago

Got to get this game. GOT TO. Great to see it covered on a console-centric site like GamesAreEvil.

Neco5123710d ago

It is such a big release, it is hard not to!

wondroushippo3710d ago

If everything I've been hearing is true about this game, this definitely deserves any 'Release of the Week' honors. And hopefully it deserves more accolades as time goes on.

wondroushippo3710d ago

The game has Philosoraptor. Of COURSE it's Release of the Week, duh...

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