Why Batman Arkham Asylum Outdoes the Movies

Dustin @ PS3Center writes: Batman Arkham Asylum is a very amazing game, noted to be the best superhero game to date by several reviews and other sites. When I finally got the chance to rent this game I was completely blown away, to the point where if I had the money I would go out and buy it that very second. The storytelling and graphical appeal of the game is absolutely amazing. However, those are all details for our upcoming review-right now I want to talk about something else: how the team behind AA out-does the team behind the latest movies.

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gaffyh3717d ago

Probably true actually, but I still love the new movies as well.

ThatArtGuy3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Totally different visions of the characters. It's like taking the Star Spangled Banner and playing the song in a heavy metal style and in a jazz style. It's the same song, but they can't really be compared all that well.

I will agree with the detective comment though. But since Paul Dini worked on the story for the game, you get the whole package.