Preview vids of the Halo 3 Beta in action!

The guys at had the good fortune of attending the Halo 3 Beta preview event that took place yesterday in New York and was able to capture some video of live gameplay of the Beta...

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

i just thought of something.
does Halo 3 look as good as the CG trailer. NO.
why does everyone jump on Killzones back.
when they haven`t seen a thing for it.
all i know is Xboxers always talk about sony games not looking as good as the teaser/target trailers.
Sorry, but this doesn`t either.
But why would anybody bring up that point?
I don`t know.

Caxtus7504486d ago


the difference?

Halo CG trailer was just that. They didnt claim it was ingame-infact they kept stressing it wasnt...

enjoy your 1 idiot!

The BS Police4486d ago

It is rendered realtime on the Xbox 360 using the ingame engine.

gta_cb4485d ago

im pretty sure your the ONLY one thats bringing it up here, and btw enjoy your only bubble, hopefully it will pop soon

power of Green 4486d ago

Let it go the EA thread will soon be gone and you wont have to be on the hunt anymore.

gta_cb4485d ago

i am sooo... looking forward to playing the beta and the final game, but these vids arnt very good quality, also in the first vid the person who was playing seemed scared to go out from under the rock lol.