Project Gamers: Fat Princess Review: A Game Caked with Depth

Tim from Project Gamers writes: Have you ever had a great day, only to have it ruined by one silly, stupid thing? Say you got that job you've been trying so hard to get, only to be pulled over for a speeding ticket on your way home. Ever had something like that happen to you? If you have, then you know that small things can make big changes in the real world, and unfortunately, the same can be said for the new PSN exclusive, Fat Princess. What you have in Fat Princess is the video game equivalent of a "great day," and the silly stupid thing that ruins your great day is, you guessed it, server issues. Titan Studios delivered a fantastic game full of diversity, strategy, and innovation. Unfortunately, you'll more often find yourself yelling out in frustration, rather than glee, due to the bugs and connection issues. Nonetheless, underneath all the dirt lays a gem of a game, or should we say, a three-tiered cake of a game, complete with a cherry on top.

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