Enterbrain: FF13 to sell 500K PS3s in Japan

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Famitsu magazine publisher Enterbrain is expecting big things from the PS3 this holiday season in Japan. Enterbrain president Hirokazu Hamamura told press earlier today that he expected 500,000 PS3s to be sold in December off of the release of Final Fantasy XIII and the reduced price of the PS3 game console.

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Gabe EatsWell3720d ago

"Enterbrain: FF13 to sell 500K PS3s in Japan"
bu-bu-bu-bu-but teh pstriple is doooomdzzz!!
Have a nice day, bots!

knightdarkbox3720d ago

very low sales...

ffx sells around 1,906,152 in the 1 week of sales

Final Fantasy IX sells 1 week 2,031,207

flop confirmed imo.

sephy 9 2 53720d ago

a difference between how many consoles you move and how much software you sell. Use some common sense.

Shane Kim3720d ago

Stupid bot. These are just PS3 console numbers. Not the game itself.

saint_john_paul_ii3720d ago

poor idiot, did you read the title?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3720d ago

They have been living in a 'Fantasy' World thinking that POS the xBox 360 and M$ could ever be as good as SONY and the PlayStation Brand!!! ;-D

This+GT5+The PS3 Price cut we got now... ;-P ;-P ;-P

Flawza Motorputt 33720d ago

knightdarkxbox is a retard confirmed.

El Botto3720d ago

The very stupid there is.
The very stupid there was.
And the most stupid there ever will be: xbots.

ThatCanadianGuy3719d ago


Go easy on him.He's a just a bot.You know how stupid they are.

patterson3719d ago


... nevermind.

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saint_john_paul_ii3720d ago

is anyone surprised by these expectations?

gauntletpython3720d ago

500,000 is a huge number for Japan. They've only sold 3 million there across 3 years, so 500K in December would be an 1/6 increase in the user base in just one mere month.

Swiftfox3720d ago

I expected a high number, but this forecast is incredible.

Was there a Final Fantasy XIII bundle I wasn't aware of?

TOO PAWNED3720d ago

actually PS3 is at 3.5 million atm. in Japan

eagle213720d ago

PS3 will topple home consoles in Japan for many months after FFXIII. PSP stayed number 1 for a LONG time after Crisis Core released. :)

gaffyh3720d ago

If GT5 is announced for this year, it will show how serious Sony are about the console war.

Syronicus3720d ago

I think I remember some 360 fans telling me it would be 10 years or so... Just can't remember but this type of report seems to put that theory on the back burner...

BulletToothtony3720d ago

i think is going to sell way more than that.. last week it was a preview that japan still love ps brand.. 150,000 WOW..

imo this tittle is going to brake the one million mark by jan in japan..

Arsenal4Ever3720d ago

FFXIII isn't where the Sony stops i'm afraid. There is still Versus 13 which will undoubtely be better than FFXIII. That will also sell a buckload in Japan.

GameGambits3719d ago

I expect more to be honest. I'm talking record setting numbers past 500K.

In Sony we trust.

leeger3719d ago

how on earth will FFvs13 be UNDOUBTEDLY be better than FF13?? You already played both? or have at least seen a gameplay vid of FFvs13?

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sabestar3720d ago

If Sony could really sell that amount (which I believe it will due Final fantasy being such a massive franchise in japan) then I salute them for doing such an impressive job this holiday season all around the world.

Be it the slim, $100 price drop, great exclusives, rebirth of great ps2 franchise (god of war collection), psp go,.... You should have gotten my point by now, whew what a long list, haha

shadowfox3720d ago

This really speaks to how smart Sony was in retaining Sony exclusivity in at least Japan for the game. Though it would still have moved PS3s regardless, you have to wonder if the expectations would be this high if it was due for 360 there.

raztad3720d ago


I think it wouldnt make a big difference if game was released on the xbox too, but for sure FFXIII exclusivity will force current japanese xbox-only owners to get a PS3.

mastiffchild3720d ago

Well, yes, it would if it were JUST Sony behind the decision. Sure they may have pressured SE to do this BUT I also think SE would have gotten a really hard time from Japanese gamers who aleady bought their PS3 for the exclusive FF13-it's bad enough in the west!

Look at the anger towards Namco Bandai over Tales out there-you imagine it wouldn't be ten times worse if the Japanese felt SE had lied/changed their minds to pabder to a US company over their own gamers(who largely ihnore the 360)?

So Sony knew they'd benefit but I suspect, also, that SE were more than content to keep things this way in Japan and at least avoid the kind of wrath they've felt in the west from disenfranchised fans who felt a little let down after being cajoled by SE's words into PS3 ownership and not even getting one game to play while watching FF13, the game they thought they were getting their console for, going multi.

Good for Sony sales and profit and a better PR direction for SE who probably felt they were in for enough moaning/tighyful indignation as it was!

SpoonyRedMage3720d ago

Nar, I think it has more to do with the fact that Square know that nobody would get the 360 version in Japan. It's not like in the west where there's a potential market on both consoles(Sales will still be higher on the PS3 though).

iamtehpwn3720d ago

Almost everyone who bought their Ps3's from start did it for the promises of MGS4 and FFXIII. No one bought an Xbox360 expecting Final Fantasy XIII, it was a surprise thing at the last moment. Multiconsole owners will also opt for the PS3 version due to no disc swapping.

While Xbox360 will be pleased to have FFXIII, but I don't think the sales figures will touch the Ps3's.

I can't think of a single Ps3 owner who won't buy FFXIII, simply put.

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sephy 9 2 53720d ago

then that's essentially a certainty.

zoks3103720d ago

There will be a bundle.

"Kaz Hirai then took the stage to announce that of course there will be a PS3 hardware bundle containing the game. He didn't mention any details"

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The story is too old to be commented.