Gamezebo Feature: Scribble

Creatures made from drippings of ink may be as adorable as can be, but that doesn't mean they're very bright. In Scribble you'll be responsible for the safety of group of ink blots, a family of cute little creations that just don't know how to stop walking. How do they expect you to protect these pen-dripped people from the predators and pitfalls that permeate the panorama? By scribbling, of course!

Drawing inspiration from the classic Lemmings, Scribble places you as a helper outside of the game world, giving the creatures within the tools they need to reach their goals. But unlike Lemmings, which had you assigning jobs and roles to individual creatures, Scribble puts a mighty pen in your hand which you'll use to draw platforms and paths for the blots to use. The paths you draw will guide the blots over obstacles, past canyons, and around enemies.

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