Ars Technica Review - IL-2 Sturmovik: WW2 realism and gaming FTW

ARS: When it comes to WW2 flight simulators, the IL-2 Sturmovick franchise has managed to win some serious respect since it launched in 2001, earning a reputation for solid action with a high degree of realism. Up until now, though, the games has been only available on PC; IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey marks the first time an entry in the series has been available for consoles. Thankfully, the foray onto the 360 and the PS3 seems to have paid off, as Birds of Prey delivers a combat simulation that is not only exciting, but rather educational, too.

The game puts players in the middle of a number of the biggest air battles of the Second World War's European Theater. Over 50 missions are playable during the game's single-player mode, taking place during five major campaigns of the war; missions include dogfights and bombing runs. Birds of Prey starts out in English skies, with players defending the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain. After Britain, the game's locations include Stalingrad, Berlin, Sicily and Korsun.

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