Report: Final Fantasy XIII Premier Party

It seems impossible to keep secrets any more. Even Square Enix bowed before the weight of international expectation for Final Fantasy XIII, with fans discovering its Japanese release date before the September 8 'Premiere Party' at which the company had intended to reveal it.

No matter. The giant succeeded with its first intention, with president Yoichi Wada confirming that the game, four years in the making so far, would indeed see release in Japan before the end of the year. December 17, to be exact.

The price? An indomitable 9240 yen (£62/US$102). After PS3 game Gundam Senki, releasing earlier this month at 8379 yen, it seemed yet more confirmation that publishers are steadily raising game prices. Not that it was any surprise to the assembled crowd at the Miraikan science museum in Tokyo, of course. Japanese bloggers already knew about it because they'd noticed on the Square Enix website that changing the address of the page announcing the event from 'before' to 'after' would reveal all.

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