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TPG writes: "Madden is one of those game series that seems to have been around forever, and with good reason. Originally released in 1989 on the Apple II computers, the series is probably older than a good proportion of people who are reading this review. The series has been around so long that it's appeared on virtually every popular gaming system since it made its debut 20 years ago, and with the ever-increasing popularity of the iPhone as a gaming platform, it was perhaps inevitable that we'd see the release of Madden there as well. The question of course is exactly how well Madden translates to a device that has no traditional d-pad or thumbstick to control the often intricate action. The answer is that it translates exceptionally well, culminating in an iPhone version of Madden that is worthy of the name, and easily grabbing the title of best American Football game on the platform."

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Neco5123715d ago

How can this game get a good review score? It controls like ass

bgrundman3715d ago

agreed, not to mention that it looks like it could have been a repurposed version of madden 95 for PC.

wondroushippo3715d ago

You know, this is maybe the iPhone's big weakness - the virtual d-pad/joystick controls are so variable based on users' experience as to whether they're any good or not. I've had games that I thought controlled like ass when people loved them. This is where an optional controller accessory would really help.

CrAppleton3715d ago

you are all being too harsh, the game is fine.

CrAppleton3715d ago

I think they just deserve kudos for managing to fit a functional version of Madden onto an iPhone.

roblef3715d ago

Hells yes. It's not gonna be like the X360 on your 52" plasma TV, geeze.

Haly3715d ago

Graphics seem pretty impressive at least!

supercharger51503715d ago

I really hope this does not become regular. (sports ports)